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Pictured (above) in the lavish "Manchesterbeat"
headquarters, Lavinia our gorgeous
secretary is waiting to add you to our
mailing list.

The wall is festooned with pictures of her conquests during her time as a groupie. Sadly Lavinia had to give up table top dancing recently. One wonders why.


Guestbook secretary, Susie Q (pictured above), adds a touch of glamour to our pages in her 'Manchesterbeat Red' office uniform.

The guestbook is a great place to leave comments, messages, look for ex-band members, friends, etc.

CLICK HERE to view the guestbook.


Receptionist Kylie is always ready to answer your phone calls with a smile and a courteous manner, despite her penchant for flatulence.



Manchesterbeat is a non-commercial attempt to remember what we all lived through. It is not a fan site for Hermans Hermits or other Manchester hit-makers, it's just Manchester music, Manchester people, Manchester shops and the Manchester area scene in the 60s.

Contact addresses:  
Paul - webmaster paul@manchesterbeat.com
Lavinia - mailing list lavinia@manchesterbeat.com
Susie Q - guestbook susieq@manchesterbeat.com
Kylie - receptionist kylie@manchesterbeat.com
Keith Fairhurst - Token City fan at Manchesterbeat (even the office cat is a red)
Kylie and the girls request no improper suggestions or offers of marriage please. Especially from drummers.

Ex-Rusholme lad

Sax player with Phoenix City Smash (Manchester)
Sax player with Jason T Sound (Manchester)
Sax player with Honeychile (Manchester)
Vocals with Life 'n' Soul comedy band (Kent)
Sax player with hit recording ska band Arthur Kay and The Originals
"Play My Record/Sootie is a Rudie" - number 12,376 in the charts for over 4 days!!!
(a one flop wonder)

New on the staff

Although busy on the road promoting our Manchester beat books, the 'Manchester Beat Babes' always find time to relax around the pool. Catch them at a store near you!

The girls travel in the luxurious ManchesterBeat  mobile - a specially modified 1961 Bedford (reinforced flooring and extractor fan).  Not sure which of the girls gets to sit on the gearbox thingy that keeps you warm.

View Manchesterbeat Mansion

Built on the huge income generated by Manchesterbeat, we are located close to the CBD in an extensive office tower block and penthouse that covers in excess of 10 sq feet.

Yes, I do know the grass needs cutting.  I will do it once I have fixed the fences, painted the house inside and out, found a cure for cancer and climbed Mt Everest.  Perhaps I will start tomorrow  Such a multi-talented person (except sax playing and being a singist).

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