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Manchester Beat Volume 2: The later years

Sorry - sold out

A must for those a little younger than the first round of Manchester groups :-)

Covers the later beat groups, the soul bands (whoopee) and the heavier groups of the late sixties.

From flares and white jackets to denim.

From 'C'mon yous all, clap yer hands, we're gonna sock it to yer one more time ' to heads down and rockin.

Odd how it happened - I went from a shaved head, brogues and beige suit to shoulder length hair, a fur coat, velvet trousers and floppy felt hat in just 2 years - and yet still played 'Shake' and 'Respect'.

Groups featured in the book include (subject to constant addition and review):

Alan Vernon Set, Art Nouveau, Axis, Big City Blues Band, Bo Kelly and the Legends, Boston T Party, Bujjies/Tiger Tiger, Chantelles/Plantations/Loving Feeling, The Chapters, The Chosen Few/The Hush, The Colours, Dixies Don’ts, The Dreamweavers, Dollies, Emotion, Engine, The Exits, Expectations, Factotums, Famous Watson Browne Band, Fitz ‘n’ Startz, Florida Beach, Focal Points, Friday Brown, Gin House, Grave Diggers, Grav Train, Greasy Bear, Grisby Dyke, Grit Band, Harlem Jonn’s Reshuffle, Henderson Chambers Band, Impact, Ivan’s Meads, Kirk St James and Wild Silk, JC Heavy, Lemon House, Lennox Avenue, Life ‘n’ Soul, Manchester Playboys, The Maybellenes, The Measles, Magic Lanterns, Mike Curtis Set, Milton James, Money, Night Train, Oliver’s Twist, Orions, Outrage, Passion Waggon, Peppermint Ice/Tuesdays Child, The Perfect Circle, Phoenix City Smash, The Purple Gang, Puzzle, Reception, Rev Black and the Rocking Vicars, Richard Kent Style, Reg James Explosion, Rumble Fat Band, St Louis Union, Santa Fe Reunion, The Schmoes, The Scorpions, Sleep, Some Other Guys, Soul Creation, Soul Messengers, Soul Staxx, Soul Toppers, Sponge, Stackwaddy, Stevies Fix, Studio One Band, Sunshine, Tamla Express, Tangerine, Tick Tocks Tactics, Tomorrow’s Children, Tiger Fog, Tom’s Rigg, Tony Manton Set.

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