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Quite different than the previous two book, six Manchester muso's tell their stories. A good read.

John 'Butch' Mepham was there at the beginning of the 60s music scene and played a major foundation role in the fabulous music scene that was to follow.

David Bowker
David formed his own group at 16 and was a member of such iconic Manchester groups as Ivan’s Meads and Richard Kent Style, gigged in Beirut, the Bahamas and the Seychelles and lived a life of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll before moving permanently to the USA, where he is still a full-time musician.

Brian Higham
They say ‘If you remember the sixties, you weren't really there’. For a generation of musicians it should be ‘If you don't remember Brian, you weren't really there’.

Barratts of Manchester were a major player in the life of every Manchester musician and Brian was a major player at Barratts - starting as a Saturday boy then later managing the store.

Brian tells of his musical origins and some of the many stories about the people who walked through Barratt's doorway.

Brian Marks
A highly creative artist, Brian’s career has taken a much different path than that expected of a singer in a heavy rock band. From the Grit Band - Heavier than the Zeppelin - to a classical suite entitled The Magic of Lyme and all stops on the way.

Keith Fairhurst
A Chosen One is the story of Keith’s love of his music, his frank experiences of life within a group and the aspirations of a group of Manchester lads who move down to London to experience the scene there.

Paul Mlynarz
From a Rusholme based soul band to a Kent based comedy group, with a few stops on the way, the personal story of the Manchesterbeat webmaster.

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