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Fed up of the cover bands pretending to be a 60's group?

Need a real sixties rhythm group for your wedding, party, dance or social club beat night for teenages? Look no further.

Sadly, we cannot guarantee that all phone numbers are still available.



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Topic: Book a group
Albert Hilton says...
I have tried booking some of these groups for my forthcoming wedding - none of them seem to answer the phone!
19th February 2017 8:30pm
David simmonds says...
Albert I have the old dial phone from the sixties and I had no problem getting through to these groups ,but I'm not paying £3 4s 6d +all the salmon paste butties they can eat for 5 hours work at my daughters wedding.
19th February 2017 8:58pm
Albert Hilton says...
Hi David - thanks for the warning, I was hoping to get a group for half the door money less expenses. Oddly,expenses are rather high and most nights the group owes me. Being a nice guy, I always lend them the bus fare home.
20th February 2017 4:48pm
Ethel says...
I couldn't get through by telephone either so I called round to some of their houses, the people there didn't know what I was talking about ,one threatened to call the police .
20th February 2017 1:10am
Albert Hilton says...
Dearest Ethel - take him up on it. If he knows their number, see if you can book them! That Sting chap is a canny young man and will try to get 12 pounds just for the one night. Don't go over 8 pounds 12/6d - there's only three of the ... Read More
20th February 2017 4:51pm

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