Billy Atom and the Fallouts


We were based in Barnoldswick at the Seven Stars pub due to KP's dad being the landlord there.

We played with many groups at the Majestic in Barnoldswick. The Pretty Things, who used all our equipment, the Dolphins( Hollies) Beat Squad, Flintstones, and The Four Pennies on the Sunday that Juliet was number 1 in the charts.   

Billy Atom was Billy Simpson, Barry Hardisty, Paul Mooney and I think Philip Hayden. They were based in Skipton.

Billy Simpson left and my self and Diane joined, and changed the name to the Tudors. Other groups in Barnoldswick were The Saracens whose singer was Cliff Stocker, the main man of the Colne R'n'B festival and Radio Blackburn.

If and when I find some pics I will send them to you.

By the way, we have just reformed a band my self, Barry Hardisty, Martin Dawson and Ron Maloney after 51 years - The Arthur Itus Band, playing 60s covers.

Regards Brian
8 Jan 2017

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