The Dollies
courtesy Olaf Owre
and Davina Goldstein

See also The Feminine Touch


Original line-up  
Jill Davies vocals
Carole Parkes vocals
Rea Bancroft vocals
Gerri Oswald vocals
later members included  
Davina Goldstein vocals
Maureen Chapman vocals
Diana Pearson vocals


Poster courtesy: Tony Peel

Pictured right:
Concert program for 1965 package tour.

The Shangri-Las had to pull out of the tour due to illness and were replaced by The Dollies

Diana Pearson, Maureen Chapman, Davina Goldstein.

Jill Davies and Karl Green (Herman's Hermits)


In 1966, The Wild Ones, Nick Gribbon, Peter Haliwell, Malcolm Pearson (Roadie) and myself ceased being so wild and joined an established three piece girl band from the Manchester area called The Dollies.

Some venues billed us as The Dollies with The Mixtures, how embarassing!

The act was based on The Supremes, etc. The girls were Davina, Maureen and Jill who was at that time engaged to Karl Green of Herman's Hermits. I can't remember their second names, it is forty years ago!

One of the gigs we played was Manchesters Belle Vue, Jimmy Savile was there as D.J. We also appeared on a tv show for Manchester Television.

We were paid £15 each a week, out of that we paid the roadie £2 each, the rest went on petrol and food. Most of the time we slept in the Thames van. We stayed in the car park of Knutsford Services (M6) for three or four days I remember.

Phil Coggan


Davina, Maureen and Jill



In addition to the 45 on Paddy Disc from 1968 they also released:

45: You Touch Me Baby/I Can't Go On UK CBS CBS 201788 (1965)

45: European Cup Final Souvenir record (pictured below)


Melody Maker 20/3/1965


Pics taken whilst touring with Jimmy Logan and Bert Weedon in the Gulf Stations in 1969 with Combined Services Entertainment.

Top picture - On left is Davina pretending to be the "Hostest with the Mostest" serving drinks to Jimmy and his wife on board the RAF plane that flew the artistes around the Persion Gulf.

Bottom picture - Di and Davina (minus wigs of course) showing the captain which way he should be going!!!!

This is the first Swedish pop-film(1965) and that it will be shown in this Swedish town, Sandviken 25 October, 1965.

All the other bands are Swedish.

I contacted the Swedish film institute if they had this film in their files and yes they do but cannot transfer it to dvd.

A shame as it would´ve been cool to´ve seen it.

Jörgen Johansson



Jill, Maureen and Davina in Germany entertaining the American Troops - about 1966-7.

The Stage June, 1968

CapeTown Argus, December 1969


My mom Jean Veronica Kienberger was a fill in for the Dollies for a short while  in the sixties. Can someone please send me any information regarding this as she has forgotten most of it.  She remembers wearing a blond wig and touring all over. We lived in Manchester at the time.

Tracy Ralph


Lovely surprise to see this web page and all my wonderful friends from the past. Still rocking and rolling. Would love to hear from anybody. Happy New year from Barcelona!

Love Maureen

Hi Phil,
I do remember The Mixtures really well, didn't one of the lads have a father that roadied for us?
I remember that van - I have a feeling it didn't have any heating!
Did you come to Germany with us?

I have to search through my scrap books now for photos!
I have just found Davina and Jill after 40 years through Manchesterbeat. Davina lives in Australia and Jill in Cyprus. Do give some more info as somethings you forget.



Hi Maureen

I think the guys in "The Mixture" that you refer to are Paul & Rodger Mycock along with Howard( Eddie ) Edwards on drums. I know that Paul & Roger's father did shunt them about in his van. We reformed The Mixture in 1987, I replaced Roger on Bass as he was working in the south at that time, however, they have actually reformed their old band The Deltones and are still gigging in the Cheshire area, you can find them on facebook and send a message if you wish. I was only having a beer with Paul and Roger about a week ago at a gig in Marple " The George", great band well worth a look at. I now play in another band along with Eddie Edwards on drums, I hope this fills in a few gaps for you. Best regards.

David Roylance
Under The Wire Band.
( Stockport)    

Hi David,
Just looked at the site again...have been working in Africa! Yes I do remember all of them!
In fact the Dollies aka Feminine Touch have been invited to the Adelphi  Hotel in Liverpool this coming Sunday for a book launch, written about  all the bands that didn't make it big in the 60's.

The Dollies have flown in from Spain Cyprus and Australia where they are all  living now! Although we haven't seen each other for 40 years I am quite excited.
I wonder if you will be there..please come and say hello.
Ok thats all for now...bye Maureen.


Hi Maureen, sorry only just picked up your reply to Manchester Beat, glad I could be of some help with the history thing. I will tell the guys in "The Deltones" about your posting on Manchester Beat. You can pick me up on facebook if you log in. Best wishes.

David Roylance

Jill, Davina and Maureen (Liverpoool 2012)

Rae, Jill, Maureen, Carole and Davina (Liverpoool 2012)

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Comments (37)

Topic: The Dollies
Dianne Reddy says...
Jill Davies lived on our estate. We used to wait for Karl Green to drive our house in his jaguar,on his way go pick Jill up
13th March 2014 6:11pm
David Parker says...
Was that the Broom wood a estate thanks Do you remember Christine Boardman think she lived on Hempcroft /Ann Quinn /marshsfield happy times and memories Special growing Up thanks David
6th October 2016 11:14am
Dianne Reddy (Altrincham) says...
Yes it was the Broomwood and I remember Christine Boardman and Ann Quinn . I lived on Briarfield and was at school with Ann s sister Janet
30th January 2018 9:40am
Fred Burgess says...
Memories of the Dollies at Stamford Hall Altrincham. Rae was dating our Singer at the time and I have some great memories of those wonderful times.
Nice to see all the girls are still making music.
19th March 2014 10:13am
John Henry says...
Hi Dollies.
I was pleasantly surprised to find this web page. I saw you [Maurine, Diane & Davina] in a CSE Show at RAF Masirah in 1970. A desert island full of men ... no women ... you were bomb shells. Stay Lucky John Henry [Cyprus]
6th March 2015 11:10pm
Davina Hannaford says...
Hi John
Wow isn't the internet amazing. I remember Masirah as if it was last week. We had a fabulous time. Hope you are well.
All the best
Davina x
22nd August 2015 10:24am
maureen Donahue says...
Hello John,
That was such a nice comment and thanks.
Just to keep you up to date..The Dollies are reforming to make an EP in October this year for release in Jan 2017.
so keep ane eye open..thanks again
14th September 2016 12:41am
Five Steps Beyond says...
Hi John, The Dollies and Five Steps Beyond have been back recording together and have just released (20th Jan 2017) a Limited edition vinyl EP. The sing the song 'All strung out'. If you want a copy please contact me on ... Read More
26th January 2017 2:26am
Philip Snow says...
Smile Hi Jill, have you still got that lilac-coloured'item of apparel'?!
'Some Other Guy's [2nd]'singer'....XXX
20th June 2016 2:31am
Five Steps Beyond says...
Hi Phil, The Dollies and Five Steps Beyond(CBS Records) have been back recording and have just released a Limited edition vinyl EP in support of Teenage Cancer Trust. The song is 'All strung out' so if you would want a copy please contact me ... Read More
26th January 2017 2:23am
Dorothy says...
Ringo Starr from the Beatles married Maureen at a very young age, because she was already pregnant and they where going on tore.
12th September 2016 4:49am
Dorothy Jade says...
Ringo Starr from the Beatles married Maureen (of this Group!) at a very young age, because she was already pregnant and they where going on tour. Might be helpful!
12th September 2016 4:55am
Davina Hannaford says...
Sorry Dorothy Jade you have the wrong Maureen. Maureen of the Dollies was never married to Ringo Starr!!!
12th September 2016 10:23am
Maureen Donahue says...
Hi everyone,
no it wasn't me that was married to Ringo.
That's fine I've still had a great life without the trimmings!
love and peace to everyone
Maureen xxx
12th September 2016 4:34pm
Lesley Anne Jay says...
Please could Davina clear something up for me. For many years I have wondered if you used to live in Denton, in a large house at the rear of Manchester Road, near the golf course and close to Hulme Road? My sincere apologies if I have got the wrong ... Read More
12th September 2016 11:40pm
Davina Hannaford says...
Hi Lesley Anne Jay
Sorry not me. I lived in Sale and my surname was Goldstein.
All the best.
13th September 2016 3:33pm
Lesley Jay says...
Many thanks for such a prompt reply, much appreciated.
13th September 2016 6:57pm
David Parker says...
Karl green ex hemans hermits good guitarist were is he now
6th October 2016 11:17am
victor greenhouse says...
I Met karls wife married 45yrs,former Dollies singer,reconize as jill on the site,still nice looking for 69yrs,We met nr Menai straits Angelesy 14/6/17 out on walk route with her pal Pat. Conversing, She mentioned the Manchester site
15th June 2017 8:19pm
David Parker says...
Were is Alan clarkson
6th October 2016 11:19am
Keith Halley says...
Hi. Great memories of your CSE trip to the Gulf in 1969. I was on that RAF flight as a young PR officer attached from the MoD in Bahrain. I remember the three of you so well, and wish we had kept in touch. Still in touch with Trevor (the drummer). ... Read More
12th November 2016 9:44pm
Five Steps Beyond says...
Hi Keith, The Dollies and Five Steps Beyond have been recording again and have recorded and released a track on our Limited edition vinyl EP in support of Teenage Cancer Trust. Released 20th Jan 2017, the song is 'All strung out'. If you ... Read More
26th January 2017 2:19am
Davina Hannaford says...
Hi Keith
Did you have dark hair? If so, I have a photo of you. How fabulous that you remember us. Keep in touch.
Davina xx
12th November 2016 11:55pm
Davina Hannaford says...
Hi Keith again! I meant to say please pass on my love to Trevor x
13th November 2016 1:04am
Phil Coggan says...
Hi Maureen, Jill and Davina, Do you remember us (me, Nick and Peter) being fimed in a club for a tv show in Manchester I believe? We played "Stop in the name of love" well, when it was broadcast my father filmed it on his 9mm camera, ... Read More
23rd December 2016 7:46pm
maureen Donahue says...
Hi Phil, Omg...i remember that incident,how strange life is! I remember you as well,please dig it out if poss ! The Dollies have got together after 40 years and have just recorded an EP with 5 Steps Beyond a boy band from London.It is being released ... Read More
22nd January 2017 1:37am
Phil Coggan says...
Hi Girls, I will dig out the 9mm film, actually my brother has it so I need to push him into finding it, I have an old projector somewhere so that shouldn't be a problem. It's great to have replies from you after all this time. I guess you ... Read More
4th March 2017 9:16pm
Davina Hannaford says...
Hi Phil Well that is a blast from the past. I've only just seen your post, which is strange as I usually get notification by email of anyone posting on our page. Maureen contacted me to let me know about your post. I also remember it very well. ... Read More
22nd January 2017 12:27pm
Five Steps Beyond says...
Hi Phil, Maureen has mentioned the Limited edition vinyl EP that The Dollies are on. Released 20th jan 2017 and being despatched at the moment to all the pre-orders. They are featured on the song 'All strung out'. Please contact me if you ... Read More
26th January 2017 2:13am
Davina Hannaford says...
Hi Phil Wow that would be great if you could get the film copied. We had such fun didn't we. I have just looked at your work on Google - what a very talented guy you are. My mum lives in Wales, Aberporth. When I next visit in October maybe we ... Read More
4th March 2017 10:13pm
Phil Coggan says...
Hi Davina, I will do my best to get it copied. There are a few other things here I have posted and with pictures, if you're interested. The Five Commandments, Lee Wade and the Wild Ones, The Love Trade.....and of course The Dollies In the ... Read More
5th March 2017 4:01am
Paul QuintonFive Steps Beyond says...
Hi Phil, If you would like a copy of the Limited edition vinyl EP with a track from The Dollies on it please let me have your email address. Donations go to teenage Cancer Trust and the EP has 4 tracks on it + I send out free downloads. Thanks, Paul ... Read More
5th March 2017 6:39am
Phil Coggan says...
Hi Davina, I will do my best to get it copied. There are a few other things here I have posted and with pictures, if you're interested. The Five Commandments, Lee Wade and the Wild Ones, The Love Trade.....and of course The Dollies In the ... Read More
6th March 2017 8:00am
Maureen Donhoue says...
Hi, it's so nice hearing from you again,where are the other guys based and do you keep in touch. The Dollies meet up once a year now,after having lost touch for 40 years. Both Davina Jill and myself will meet up this October again. Anyway keep ... Read More
6th March 2017 2:41am
Phil Coggan says...
Hi Maureen, The last time I saw Nick who played bass and also sung...remember "Hit the road Jack" was when I visited Blackpool in the 70's, as far as I know he's still in a band called "Nick & Co." I haven't seen ... Read More
6th March 2017 6:07am
Maureen Donahue says...
Hi Phil, Yes that was the house that your talking about,in Cheadle Hulme,many a party was had there ! In fact i had a peephole in my bedroom and a fireplace,i believe it has been turned into two houses now. There is a big Concert in October ,held in ... Read More
8th March 2017 3:45am
David George (DUNSTABLE) says...
I was a spotty 15 year old boy working at the California Ballroom in Dunstable Beds
I still remember the girls taking time to talk to me and sign their autographs in my book.
Delighful girls great presence totally smitten at the time.... good days x
29th December 2017 6:50pm

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