The Little Things

Mike Farrell vocals
John Wheatley lead guitar
Phil Hicks rhythm guitar
Steve Cartridge bass guitar
Pete Grundy drums

During the mid sixties I played in a Middleton band called The Little Things. At this time we were all about 16 years old and followed Tom's Rigg about who were that bit older. Mike Connelly their lead guitarist suggested becoming our manager and it was Mike who gave us our name. Although our new name was not too popular with our lads is was Mike's idea and so we went along with it. 

We played together for a couple of years our highlight appearing at The Boneyard in Bolton following Toms Rigg who had peformed the first spot on the same night.  We disbanded some months later but we have stayed in touch as mates. We lost touch with Mike who was a really good guy and I was sad to hear of his passing many years ago. Same with Tommy Rigby from Tom's Rigg and I went to his funeral about four year ago.

Mike Farrell

'The Little Things'  fifty years on

Image courtesy Mike Farrell

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Comments (3)

Topic: The Little Things
Steve Cartridge says...
We called ourselves "The Thought Train" before Mike Connoly suggested we change it. Good group name.
Steve Cartridge.
10th November 2016 1:39pm
Joe Wheatley says...
Great photo! Would love to see any pics of the band from back in the day!
2nd December 2016 7:43pm
John Sanderson says...
I know Phil Hicks Very well ,we both live on the Isle of Man
I used to live in Middleton many years ogo and was in the Band Perfect Circle
13th April 2017 12:02am


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