Karol Keyes and The Big Sound circa 1966
at the Jigsaw

March 1966

3 Dec 1965
3 Dec 1965

10 December 1965

The sad end at Cromford Court

Cromford Court, off Market Street
(sadly now under the Arndale Centre)

See also Manchester Cavern, Magic Village and The Cromford Club


Ah the Jigsaw club. It was where we usually ended up when the many late (and probably illegal) bars threw us out. Not a huge club but it was a perfect alternative to the Wheel which was by the late sixties starting to be taken over by out of town speed freaks.

The Jigsaw was ahead of it's time. In a soul obsessed town they showcased top of the market electric bands. For instance, for about fifty pence I saw Paul Butterfield's Blues Band with Mike Bloomfield play virtually all night, all this plus the most stunning girl (you wore a red dress) I've ever seen dance unmolested and without a break until the watery Sunday morning light broke......wonderful days.

Allan Jones

I remember The Who playing at the Jigsaw when it first opened. It was a big mistake because they almost trashed the joint at the end of their set; primarily the black and white jigsaw used as a back drop.

Mo Caldwell

I also remember seeing the Who at the Jigsaw in the late sixties.  They where great, I also saw the Manfred Mann band with Paul Jones on vocal, they were brilliant, very bluesy.

Harry Nightingale

I saw Joe Cockers Grease Band there, he wore a gasman's uniform I think?

What a fabulous place Manchester was then ... you could smell the sixties. 

Phil Bell

The Move played three consecutive nights, 16, 17 and 18 September 1966, also June 1966 and a couple of occasions in 1967. They'd only been together since February 66 and their early appearances were pre the release of Night of Fear. They were, in my opinion, brilliant.

Not totally sure how I got in as I was only 14/15!

Liz Williams

Yep.. I saw The Who at the Jigsaw too. Pete Townsend stuck his guitar in the low ceiling and still played it as it howled away hanging there..Keith Moon just kicked his kit out all over the place and caused mayhem.

I was at the front, stood next to 2 huge speakers ... a big mistake because I was deaf for 2 days afterwards!
I think I saw them twice at this small venue along with other top bands...

Derek Alltree

The following live dates are from The Manchester Evening News:

  • The Move - 16 September 1966
  • Alvin Robinson - 30 October 1966. This might have been with The Noblemen backing him, featuring pre-Jethro Tull guitar man, Martin Barre

Nick Warburton

Although a regular at the Wheel in 65/66 I payed one visit to the Jigsaw all-nighter in I think in 65, to see the great Wilson Pickett.

He was great and totally lived up to expectations. I went with a group of friends from Newton-le-Willows. The club was also advertising a booking in the near future for the great James Brown.

I never did find out if he did appear at the Jigsaw, does anyone know if he did.

Wayne Hill

Saw Don Covey at the Jigsaw, at the time his single Seesaw was a big sound on the soul scene. He was wearing a cloak on stage which was a bit strange but the music was fantastic!!!

The Jigsaw was an underated club!!!!

Geoff Barrett

I remember talking to Roy Wood at the Jigsaw, who then was the bass player of The Move.  They were very good.

I also went to see  Alexis Corner & his band.  Problem was just before he was due to go, on the M/c drug squad rushed in and arrested over half his band & he went on with what was left.  Nnot good and he wasn't very good either.

That night I spent a lot of time at the old Twisted Wheel in Brazenose St and seen some brilliant bands there.  The Yardbirds with Eric Clapton, Spencer Davies Group and my hero, Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames  and The Kinks & The Small Faces & Julie Driscol & Jimmy Cliffe plys many, many more.

Roy Mozley

Seen Spencer Davies there they had just made their 1st No was interesting to see them unload their gear out of a battered old van at the front  and Stevie Winwood - think he was just 15 /16 at the time in a fur coat and the compulsory hipster pants (check).

Was there also when the who erupted on stage.  Think I still have one drum stick thrown into the crowd by Keith Moon.

There were some great groups on.  Some became very famous, some not. Can still smell the place when I think of it sweat and fresh coffee.  

Stuart McCaig

Just discovered your site and can confirm the incident where Pete Townsend stuck his guitar in the low roof above The Jigsaw stage. It was the sixties, say no more, as I remember it, it was through a picture of Georgie Fame.

Also remember seeing Victor Brox's Blues Train there when sax player Snake Davis, during a solo, wandered outside, still playing in the early hours followed by a bunch of people, like the pied piper. Can anybody confirm this?

Dave Tunny

I went to the Jigsaw, Remember seeing Martha and the Vandella's one sunday. While she was singing, she kept smiling at me, the people in front of me, turned around and stared, probably thinking that I knew her. I was very embarassed. Remember, the gangster style suits with high vents, The TV Bar room,(where you could chill.) Not forgetting the girls with geometric hairsyles and bright coloured mini dresses.
Great times.

Dennis Davis

Ah memories. I moved on from the Twisted Wheel cos the music was better. Those black and white jigsaw cutouts of artists were really cool. Wish I had one. If anyone does have one the Museum of Club Culture in Hull would love to display it.

To all those people I danced the night away with - hope you`re still cool and boogying.

Cassandra x

I remember The Who at the Jigsaw - Mo Caldwell, 12/2/12.

It was the second or third time I had seen them, they were just SO amazing. They did a very late set, possibly an all-nighter. I had been to The Wheel to see Graham Bond Organisation from 9pm to midnight and remember walking across Piccadilly to get there. I had hitch-hiked from Bourne in S Lincs to get there. Manchester was really too far but I was a regular at The King Mojo in Sheffield and The Boston Gliderdrome on my Vespa and Union Jack Parka.

Those were the days when there was a "little bit of friction" within the group and I stood in the gents with Roger on one side and Keith on the other and it was enlightening! I could say more but I won't.

Mike Fitzgerald


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Topic: The Jigsaw
Geoff Parkinson says...
We played at the Cavern/Jigsaw a few times. Not only did most clubs not sell alcohol but you could park on the narrow alleyway leading to the club with no fear of the warden Gestapo clamping your vehicle or even noticing that you even had one. On ... Read More
25th March 2014 9:35pm
Malcolm Ross says...
It was originally called the Manchester Cavern until Liverpool Cavern complained I think. Could only buy soft drinks.
16th October 2016 5:50pm
Mary Grant says...
I loved the Jigsaw and went a few times during 1966, when I was 15. I remember a song playing called "So Fine" by The Chantells (or so the DJ said, but I have never been able to find it on YouTube)it had a distinctive beat to it that was ... Read More
7th February 2016 12:17am
Malcolm Ross says...
It's actually "He's so fine" by the Chiffons, Mary.
16th October 2016 5:43pm
Mary Grant says...
thanks for this but I am aware that The Chiffons did He's so fine and I have it in my collection with Sweet Talking Guy. However, the song I am referring to had a chorus of "my baby gets home on time, shivers up and down my spine, oh oh ... Read More
18th October 2016 10:05am
Mary Grant says...
Thanks for your response, Malcolm, but I am getting replies with the same information, none of which has been useful; I do know the difference between The Chiffons He's So Fine and "So Fine". I give up on this one.
26th October 2016 3:17pm
John Clarke says...
Hi Mary, Try " So Fine " by the Fiestas or the the later cover version by Ike and Tina Turner. They are both on youtube. I think this the song you mean. The Chiffons " He's So Fine " is nothing like your description.
16th October 2016 10:33pm
Mary Grant says...
I have just noticed that Roy Mosley has posted a comment. I remember that name from the time; he was a friend of my boyfriend's sister, Ruth. Good to see a name from the past, even if I can't place the face!
7th February 2016 12:20am
John Clarke says...
Hi Mary, have you tried " The Fiestas " or " Ike & Tina Turner's " version of " So Fine " ?
25th October 2016 7:10pm
Geoff lewis says...
The Jigsaw was my main clubv apart from the wheel remember The move stood talking at the bar with Roy wood after the gig We used to wear our chalk striped suites and white shoes great memories
24th February 2016 1:58am
Pete Crowther says...
I recall getting over to Manchester from Leeds late one Saturday to see Ben E,King at the Wheel and we couldn't get in. This was probably 1967 or so. Anyway, in desperation, we asked around for another club and the Jigsaw was suggested. It was a ... Read More
1st April 2016 9:16pm
bob lee says...
Hi Pete
The mighty Butterfield blues band played th all nighter on November 12th
A real exclusive I don't think they appeared anywhere else outside london
7th May 2016 4:12am
Malcolm Ross says...
Paul Butterfield did indeed play there as did Victor Brox Blues Train, Steampacket with Long John Baldry, Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll plus a littly weedy singer called Rod Stewart and Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band were regular ... Read More
16th October 2016 6:29pm
Jennifer Gonzalez nee Oldham says...
Wayne Hill, James Brown did indeed appear at the Jigsaw, in fact I danced with him on stage. If you saw Wilson Picket you will have seen me as I also danced with him on stage...........those were the good old days!
9th April 2016 3:04am
Tina says...
I need clarification of the layout of the Jigsaw to clear an argument between me and my husband. Can any of you describe the inside or even from the front door. Please
13th April 2016 8:26pm
Malcolm Ross says...
Jigsaw entrance was in the far corner of Cromford Court - Cromford Club was on the left of Cromford Court. As you came through the entrance went along and then down the stairs - long cellars with pillars - Jigsaw cutouts on the ceiling with groups ... Read More
16th October 2016 5:48pm
Mary Grant says...
I remember the interior well. I still have my club card, together with Twisted Wheel and a couple of passouts and flyers for 1966, Top of the Town and The Gaytime, which was above Burton's on Broad Street, Pendleton, Salford, if you know the ... Read More
18th October 2016 9:59am
Steve & Eleanor oliver nee bro (Salford) says...
Hi Mary I do not know if you remember Eleanor & I I am trying to put a face too your name
Kind regards Steve oliver
8th August 2017 8:43am
Keith Sorrell says...
I saw the Who in 1966 at the Jigsaw.Had cc tv so you could see the stage in other places in the club.Can't remember the exact date.Anybody help?
2nd December 2016 7:49pm
Paul hillyer says...
I was the dj at the jIgsaw and designed the club, it was the first club in England with close circuit TVs in all bars. I was responsible for all the black American bands that performed there, without me the jIgsaw would have been soulless .
11th March 2017 12:47pm

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