Majestic Club
140 Deansgate, Manchester

The Majestic was originally called The Birdcage and laterwas called The Ebony.

Situated at 140 Deansgate, in a cellar underneath a coffee bar, the Majestic was one long room with a stage one end and a coffee bar the other.

All-nighters held each Saturday but often fairly poorly attended, with acts comprising of local groups only.

"I spent many a long night at the Majestic All-nighters. Looking back on them, they were mighty boring. We used to sit on the floor and try to sleep. My dad thought I was having a great time and was probably a bit jealous."

DJ Kevin Lane was a regular, as were groups willing to work for 12 pounds for two 45 minute spots during the all-nighter session.


Alvin Robinson played there on 5 November 1966 (This is most likely with The Motivation who included Martin Barre before he was in Jethro Tull)

Nick Warburton



Advertised Sat, 19 Aug 1967

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Comments (3)

Topic: Majestic
Albert Hilton says...
I can remember seeing the Uptown Line there, before they became Rumble Fat Band, and also The New Religion - but its too hazy now.
Loved the club!
3rd May 2014 7:51pm
margaret says...
I met the most handsome lad here I have ever seen , but threw him away for my ex husband ,, fool I was. i used to stare at him when he was at the twisted wheel and think he was way out of my class. The Majestic could have been a lot better.
27th February 2016 2:22am
Paul Bradshaw says...
Went here on a regular basis with my first ever "serious" girlfriend Patricia Rosario and Keith Homewood and whatever very attractive young lady he was with at the time. It was close to Kendal Milne where we all worked and despite the ... Read More
30th September 2016 4:50am

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