Over the generations, the Manchester area has nurtured thousands of musical acts, ranging in styles as diverse as music hall and Madchester.

But it was the sixties that was the first to bring the music to the people.  There were groups in almost every street, kids playing their music without thought of fame - just fun.

Although many were adopted on a national scale, others were content to stir only local interest before their eventual demise.

Despite their lack of national commercial success, they were part of the tremendous Manchester area music scene that continues to play such a major part in our lives.

Proudly based in the sixties, these pages salute the groups, agents, disc jockeys, shops and clubs in the Manchester area that gave us all such a great time! Memories that have lasted a lifetime!

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An inspiration to us all!

Paul Stevens has smashed ageing stereotypes, taking The Voice Stage at 79-years-young. "I think age is just a number and you should never give up on anything," declared Paul. Known as 'The Singing Caddie', Paul's most notable achievement is as the world's longest-serving professional golf caddie. "I sang for players all over the world," said Paul of his time with the likes of 'The Shark' Greg Norman. 

But is of his highly impressive history as a Manchester area musician that we honour him on these pages.

2024 sees the 60th anniversary of the recording of the iconic TV special programme ‘Blues & Gospel Train’.

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We all have a story to tell  - no matter what part we played in this great period in Manchester music.   Add your personal story or contribute to the many tributes for Manchester musos who have now passed.

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Clubland Beat

A small section on the site - that gets lots of interest.  Not all of us worked the beat/pop scene, many of us made a good living working the hundreds of local Working Men' Clubs.  Can you add anything in this section?

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    Tell us a story about the ClubiKlub!

    Hi! My names Esme, 

    The Royal Exchange Theatre are... One day ago.
  • John Finch said More
    I met a guy called Big John McAttee in Brighton.,playing guitar and singing blues in a folk club in... 2 days ago.
  • Denise said More
    I remember going on Friday nights 1976 till around 1981.  Amazing place.  I loved the Spotlight... 3 days ago.
  • kevin Butterworth said More
    i was the drummer with The Confederates we used to play there, stone stage. 3 days ago.
  • Vivie said More
    I remember those days Cazz!  Didn't we sit upstairs overlooking the dance floor? . Always got up ... 4 days ago.
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    Vague memory of seeing Tyrannosaurus Rex early early days in a cellar club in Manchester would it have been  here One week ago.
  • Fran Smith said More
    Amazed to have found this I used to go to Brown's as a teenager (just) felt so cool and remember The... One week ago.
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    I use to look after Joe Pullens driving horses and ponies many years ago.  Thats when he moved to Leyland. One week ago.
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    Hi I know you don't know me but have you any photos of Allan hes my uncle  my dad Bernard's younger brother  One week ago.
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    Remember it well chunky
    One week ago.
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    Loved The Mid in the 70's...no where could compete...happy days ❤ One week ago.
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    On organ - Kenny Trighio (Mexican)
    Steve Pickering - singer and guitarist 
    Jimmy Shaw (deceased) -... One week ago.

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