Miller Bourne

I became Les Mack's partner then we were joined by Mike Bourne. Mike and I bought out Les when he got married and decided to move to the north east where his wife lived.

We looked after many groups such as Sweet Chariot, Union Express, The Big Jump Band, Warm Sensation and several others.

We also represented Maxton G Beesley, Coleridge Taylor, Franklyn James, Diane Chandler, Talli Halliday, Cherry Roland, The Marbles, Wellington Boothe, Annie Lawrence and many others.

We started to book lots of entertainers into South Africa and opened an agency there. A lot of the artists liked it so much that they are still there.

Mike Bourne spent many years in South Africa.

Ray Millar moved to London where he still works as an agent. Ray was a bass player with the Strand Showband and then later with Margo and the Marvettes.

Ray Millar - 6/2/10

During the 70's the Miller Bourne agency had a partner in Madrid who booked many beat and pop groups to work all over Spain and especially in Madrid.

His partner's name was Manuel Barrera, who attended the wedding on the Isle of Man before he went to South Africa.

(translated from Spanish - probably quite badly)

Manuel Barrera - 2/8/10 

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