The Corvettes


Pictured left to right at Ashton Palais in 1963. Johnny Rich, Lennie Crooks (Sax), Sandy Dyers, Frank Davies, Jimmy Carr, Pete Bird aka Pete Barnes


My friend and I met the Corvettes in the sixties and even had a few dates with two of them. I remember very vividly being there when they beat Herman's Hermits at some competion but I can't remember where. My 'boyfriend' was Pete Bird aka Pete Barnes.


I was out of work for a few months in the early sixties and acted as roady with my friend Graham Skinner (he was the one with the Van).

The competion referred to was at The Ritz in Manchester and was for The Best National group. All the bands tried extra hard that night as Mickey Most there looking for new talent. The corvettes did beat Hermans Hermits, but Mickey Most signed them and they went on to world wide hits. 

The Corvettes worked extremely hard and had lots of excellent gigs around the country. They also had a residency at the Globe Pub in Ashton Under lyne (Manchester) for Sunday lunch times, with full house every week.

I am still in touch with Sandy, the drummer , but Jimmy the lead guitarist and singer, who was Sandys best friend, left home around three years ago, without telling him and hasn't been seen since. I have lots of memories and will ask Sandy to contribute when I next speak with him.

David Scott - 25/11/10

My name is Tom Davis, my brother was Frank. Sadly Frank died 1983. Totally lost touch with the rest of Frank's friends - would like to hear from them.


Tom Davies - 12/3/11

Reading this page brought back memories of The Globe in Ashton where my group The Invaders used to play now and again.

The pub was one of my favourite gigs - it was only small but always packed and the whole floor used to vibrate with the music. The girls there used to ask us had we seen The Corvettes. Sadly we had not but it seems they were very popular.

Alan Taylor - 18/5/11

Hi there I am Frank Davis's nephew never got to see him as was only a baby... But heard lots about how great he was and his band the Corvette s God bless the Legends 

Andrew Bryan - 21/2/13

Great to see this page devoted to a great group who I joined in 1965 or 1966 as a young 18 year old organist, rehearsing with them at the Globe in A.U.L. Lennie was a fine sax player as were all the other guys fine Muso's. Jimmy ''Corvette '' as he was known to me seemed to be headlining the band. Sadly, after a brawl broke out in a night club in Manchester, in which I believe the band got involved, they lost their main source of income, and for a time at least the band broke up. I never really got chance to do any pro gigs with them but can still remember hearng their powerful renditions of some good ''Philadelphia'' sounds around that time.

I went on to join one or more local bands and then led the trio on the opening night at the Band on the Wall Jazz Club in Swan St. Manchester, around 1975 for the next 3 or 4 years , and loved it to death. Would love to catch up with that very fine Sax player, Lennie, or any of the guys from 66, 67.

Pete Vernon- 2/9/13

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