The Dark Four

Line-up included

Bev Moss - vocals
Les Crompton - lead/rhythm
Derek Mellor - lead/rhythm
Derek West - drums

At age of 14, I bought an Antoria guitar for 1/6d pocket-money off my mate. The deal also included a swap.

He gave me a 410 shotgun for a Mauser rifle303, which we used to play cowboys and indians with in Glossop. My uncle gave it to me as a birthday present - taken off a dead Nazi. It had a name inscribed in blood on the bayonet - dangerous times!

Working 12 hr shifts at paper mill in Glossop, I saved enough money, with help from dad, to buy a Hofner red thinline.

I did first gig with band called THE DARK FOUR - why this name I do not know.

Learnt off my Bert Weedon "Play with yourself in a day " - who pissed on Bert Weedon anyway and why do it, he was good !I degrease, sorry digress.

First booking was at Brookfield Chapel, now selling antiques. The members were Derek West (drums), Derek Mellor (lead/rythmn) and myself (lead/rythmn).

Derek played Shads lead guitar on Tango, Apache, etc, and I played rythmn.

Duane Eddy was the sound I.played - Sugarfoot rag, Shazam, Green Onions, Cannonball Rag, etc.

We shared the the one amp but we had good night. Took the bus home - amps n guitars included.

Next Bev Moss came along - a good singer and good frontman. We were working regularly at £15 a gig .and then a stanger appeared on the scene - Josh Hannah.

We changed our name to Dark Four plus 1. Sadly, the band changed and we split.

.We did some great gigs in manchester and Derbyshire.

I later played with Hobo Flats and Kirk St James.

Les Crompton - 16/2/09

The Dark Four entered a stange period when a new guy intruded from London, gypo type but he changed things for the better.

Dad bought him a Gibson 335. We battled it out. Always been lucky in my fourth finger stretch. The bass player backed him and broke up the band.

So I played me n Bev Moss in a stinking cabin in Ashton - Tony Danson on bass. Bev Moss n me were adrift so I got a call from The Meteors and we joined up to call the band Hobo Flats.

Our manager was Austin Williams - what a great guy, old school friend.

He bought a morris van. We were booked out through Kennedy Street. Took 6 hrs to drive to Cockermouth gig, 2 days, and drive back but us lads wowed them.

Les Crompton - 15/2/11

As a roadie in the mid 60s one of the bands I drove for was the "Dark Four". I think their name came about because Glossop is in the Dark Peak area of Derbyshire. 

At the time I was known as "Chuck" because I was mad on Chuck Berry. It was Bev Moss & Les Crompton that I knew best & remember driving them to gigs at Peak Dale, Millers Dale, Tideswell & Sheffield, how we ever made it over the Snake Pass in my old Bedford van I will never know.

I also remember Josh Hannah. The first time I saw him play was at Peak Dale in some pub could have been the Midland Hotel or the Railway? He sang "Summertime". I was very impressed! and got on with him well. Last time I saw him was a couple of years later, he was soloing at the Pamona at Reddish Bridge which was run by an illustrious lady named Reny Rhythm who compered.

Josh was on stage singing "Dang Me" after that he was on a kids T.V. programme "which I watched in black & white" with someone like Muriel Young.

Last time I saw Dark Four was I think at the Lowes Arms Bredbury - another great music venue. Les had just aquired a Fender Telecaster.

I later became resident sunday lunchtime singer there, my name was then "D'Artagnan". I think that came about because I was part of a trio, also remember Austin Williams quite a character, the only person I know to have bought a Vulcan Bomber. I think he had it on display at Blackpool airport.

Facebook, Geoff Kershaw (Shaw) - 7/6/11




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