Proud Paw

Circa 1968-69

Line-up included

  • Mark Solomon - vocals
  • Dave Solomon - lead
  • Joe Olenski - bass
  • Colin - drums
  • Keith - organ

Dave Solomon was the very best lead guitarist that I ever played with. I have a recording of a rehersal with him playing songs such as Killing Floor, Need your love so bad,and others of that ilk. I think they would hold their own played at any gig today. Knockout Dave. I heard that in later years he learned to play left handed. No mean feat that.

Mark Solomon - a singer with a great blues voice and who knew how to use it. A singer who actually had great timing for once. Always coming in on time, with the ability to ad lib and fill in with those little extras so naturally that makes all the differnce.

He was also very good on the harmonica that added so much to the overall sound. he once learned to play the saxaphone in about 24 hours. Sitting in corner parping away (if you will excuse the expression). He sounded so good we recorded him playing that as well on Stop messing around girl. His sax playing was soon heard on lots of other songs. Brilliant.

The other member of Proud Paws was a guy called Keith who had a big Hammond M100 organ in white. Great sound from his huge lesley. Once heard never forgotten, fantastic.

Colin - 26/10/09



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