The Editors


  • Terry Walters - lead/vocals
  • Roland Macready - rhythm
  • Barry Hill - drums 
  • Ian Simms - bass
  • John Derbyshire - drums, replaced Barry


The Editors were led by Terry Walters who now forms part of the Bootles with Bernie Southern - formerly of the Pressmen , Concords and Night Train.

They formed in 65/66 - others in the line up were Ian Simms on bass, Barry Hill on drums later replaced by John ? and I'm almost sure Roland Macready was rythym guitar at one time. I'm sorry but i can't remember other members perhaps someone out there can fill the blanks in.

The Editors practised in the cellar of Terry's dad's shop 'Jimmy the TV Wizard' in Railway Road, Leigh.

Gary Woodward

Hi my name is Barry Hill and I was the original drummer of The Editors , the original lead singer of the band was John Derbyshire, I now live in Fleetwood Nr Blackpool

Barry Hill 30/10/13









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