The Midnights (Rochdale)

  • ?  - guitar
  • Dave (Ditch) Brown - drums 
  • ?  - bass

I have a couple of bits of info that I can give you about Rochdale group the Midnights. Its not a great deal but I remember their drummer was called Dave (Ditch) Brown.

I remember a local competition in which we (The Travellers) were involved at the Carlton Ballroom. I think it was to establish who was Rochdale's top group of the time and the winners were chosen on support (scream level) of the audience.

Anyway we were in the final against the Midnights and support was evenly balanced. So much so that after a number of attempts to outscream each other and maybe to avoid a possible riot as support was fierce it was called a draw.

I'm sure someone reading this will remember that event and could possibly supply you with some more info. Best wishes.

Dave Brierley - 31/12/12

I was there that night. It was great entertainment but the cynic in me says it was a draw so there could be a replay and for the Carlton to make more money.

John Clarke - 10/1/13

The Midnights were around in the early to mid sixties. They were based in the Kirkholt area of Rochdale! I recall The Drummers name was Dave Brown. He had the nickname Ditch. They were around at the same time as the Travellers and in the early days it was debatable which one was Rochdales top group.

In order to clarify this the Carlton Ballroom held a competition between both groups. There was a tremendous rivalry between the sets of fans and as the result was to be decided on the decibels produced probably in order to avoid a riot the result was called a draw.

David Brierley - 8/10/13









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