Mike Sax and the Idols


  • Mike Sax - vocals and rhythm
  • Ray Sax - bass
  • John Sykes - lead
  • Graham (basher) Bailey - drums 


We were originally, Mike Sax and the Vikings, but Carl Wayne and the Vikings were already recording with Philips, so we changed our name to the Idols. Our first record was, 'Don't Walk Away' reaching No.1 in Turkey for a few weeks in 1965.

We played at 'The Rose and Crown' in Rimini (Italy) for the 1966 season.

Performing just over the piazza from ourselves were the 'Casuals' who on returning home, recorded theirNo.1 'Jesamine'.

Our second recording was titled 'My Little One' a chrismas number. A few of the lyrics. . .

There's a sleigh that jingles thru the snow
If you're good Santa Claus is gonna go
Down your chimmney late tonight my little one
So go to sleep, don't try to peep until he's gone.

Mike Sax - 30/10/10 


  • Don't Walk Away - Mercury 

Our A and R man was Johnny Franz, who recorded Dusty Springfield, and The Walker Brothers just to name a couple.

Mike Sax and the Idols also recorded a brilliant original Christmas song on Mercury..'My Little One'.


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