The Mixture 

Line-up (circa 1987) 

  • Bob Harrison - vocals
  • Paul Mycock - guitar
  • Dave Roylance - bass
  • Howard/Eddie Edwards - drums
  • Dave Garnett - vocals (replaced Bob) 

The Mixtures Band, apparently reformed in about 1987 with vocalist front man Bob Harrison of "Bobby & The Blue Diamonds" Along with Paul Mycock on guitar ( The Deltones & The Classics Band), Dave Roylance on Bass ( Classics Band & Under The Wire Band), Eddie Edwards on drums ( Deltones, The Mixture, The Classics Band, Under The Wire Band )Bob Harrison retired after a couple of years to be replaced by Dave Garnett ( EX GT'S Marple) 

Dave Rothwell - 2/6/10

The Mixture, formed in the sixties with a line up consisting of Bob Harrison on vocals (Bobby & The Blue Diamonds), Paul Mycock (Deltones/ Classics) Guitar, Howard Edwards on drums ( Deltones), Roger Mycock on bass.

Under the same management as Tom Jones, they toured Germany and most parts of Europe before disbanding.

Eventually reformed in 1987 with Bob Harrison on vocals, Paul Mycock guitar & vocals, David Roylance depping on bass whilst awaiting Roger to return from working in the south of England. David often jokes, Roger didn't return and his became the longest depping job in musical history.

Bob Harrison left the band around 1991, a fine singer and a big asset to the band. Bob was replaced by David Garnett (The GT'S) great singer and front man with a personality to match. David Garnett left the band a few years later to be replaced by Dave (Digger)Walsh.

The Mixture than changed It's name to The Classics Band who are still performing to this day.

David Roylance & Howard (Eddie ) Edwards left The Classics Band in 2010. They now form part of the band Under The Wire, they are still active on the circuit today with the other band member Geoff Whitehead (Ex Tiger Fog) and Marc Reeder, both on guitar and vocals.

Sheesh!!! how tenuous does this get??? Well ! let me tell you, The Deltones reformed a few years ago with Roger Mycock( bass( Paul Mycock ( Guitar) Tony Woolley( Drums ex GT'S ) Gary Brewster ( Guitar & vocals).This is a super band and well worth seeing.

David Roylance - 2/6/12






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