Mommies Darlings 


  • Fred Ridgway - lead vocals
  • Keith Hull - lead vocals
  • Glyn Strange - rhythm guitar
  • Phil Strange - lead guitar
  • Marshall Archer - bass
  • Dave Buck - drums 

In the sixties I played drums with a great pro group ... Mommies Darlings. We worked the venuis of the time, mostly for Ian Hamelton, including the Germany circuit - Storieville Club, House Der Musick, Wuppertalle, K.52 ,Klub, Frankfurt.

Dave Buck - 15/7/11

We started playing the pubs and clubs in England, Top of the Town, New Century Hall, Jungfrau, Mr Smiths etc. Then we did the American Airforce bases in Turkey and the usual Germany circuit playing 6-8 hours per day. We were regulars at the Liverpool Cavern when Bob Wooler was there.

I still keep my hand in singing, Keith Hull sadly passed away a few years ago. Phil, a brilliant guitarist still plays, Glyn is in Australia, Marshall Archer now resides in Marple Cheshire. Dave Buck, a great drummer went on to have success with Alvin Stardust and is known as a very good comedian.

I would be glad if anybody who remembers us would get in touch with this site. It's unbelievable how many bands there were in Manchester in the 60's.

Fred Ridgway - 11/4/12

I remember you as the Three Speed Walking Stick. You practised in the Band Room at Marple. I'm Phil and Glyn's cousin. I think they both need a bit of reminding of that! I take the credit for introducing Phil to playing music - when he was about 11 I taught him to play Hang down your head Tom Dooley with one finger on my piano. Their little house wouldn't fit a piano, so he bought a guitar and played it on that - with one finger!

Sorry to hear that Keith is no longer with us - I still remember his address in Droylsden! It might seem a bit cheesy now, but Fred and Keith did a fantastic "Mr Moonlight". 

Glad that some of you are still singing/playing. Let us know where!

Margaret Weaver - 24/6/12

Glynn was also in a band called the Buccaneers. I wonder what happened to their members. There was a singer called Ray, and Harry Barber. Maybe a couple of others. Hope somebody can remind me. They were band from my early youth.

Margaret Weaver - 25/6/12

Dave Buckle knows all about the Buccaneers. I auditioned to be their singer but failed!!!

Dave Garnett  - 9/12/12

I played with the Buccaneers in 1965 - it was my virgin gig at Ferodo Canteen, Chapel en le Frith. The band at the time consisted of Glyn Strang, Ray Bell, Harry Barber. 

Later Ray was replaced by Eddie Davis. We played great venues such as the Notingham Castle Denton, Globe Ashton. Later Glyn and myself turned pro joining Mummies Darlings, off to Germany!!!!!! Bloody fantastic.1966.

By the way Dave Garnet you never failed ... you didnt have a P.A.

Dave Buck - 17/12/12

I admit I didn't have any speakers,but I did have a 60 watt CARLSBRO amp with built in reverberation that I kept in my bedroom.!!!!!

Dave Garnett - 23/12/12

Nah, it was Phil's band who was Three Speed Walking Stick - appeared on Opportunity Knocks. Marshall Archer, Keith Hull, Fred Ridgway and ??? Forgotten. And Ken Alcroft was their Roadie.

Yes, Glyn is in Oz, can't get him to email me though. Beautiful wife and little girl. Any new from anyone gratefully received.

Margaret Weaver - 18/1/13

Get well soon Dave Buckle, need you giggin again!

Dave Garnett - 24/8/13









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