The Motives (Unsworth)

  • Frank Kelly - keyboard
  • Jim Kelly - guitar
  • Bob Berisford - bass
  • Peter Chetham - drums

The Motives were a group of lads from Unsworth,Bury.

We used to travel all over the place to perform. The line up was Frank Kelly on a Hammond M100 organ he had it shiped in from the states. It used to split in two which made it easy to move in the van. Frank was a very talented musican indeed.

The first night we gigged with the M100, was at the Domino club on grey mare lane. We had been told it was 30 watts, little did we know that was USA standard which is about half our watts so we had to mic it up. Lonnie Donnigan was on the same bill and was most impressed by it.

Jim Kelly played Guitar he was a better than average player and great fun to be with, apart from the gig we did for the catholic nuns in Prestwich it was there college for young ladies! Which later became the Police training college. We were well into our set, we used to play the death march and I used to break into a rather wild drum solo and kick the shit out of my beloved Premier kit. but we had just started the number when Jim broke a string which somehow ended up stuck in his finger he fainted and ended up falling on my kit, cutting his head on a cymbal! We ended up at crumpsal casualty.

We never did get paid for the gig - our agent Paul Ingham told us the nuns suspected we were drunk!

On bass and vocals was Bob Berisford (Who was my best man in July 1969 the day they landed on the moon) Bob played a Fender precession bass which Frank resprayed for him. Bob had a very good voice which lent itself to the soul music we were playing.

On drums yours truly. I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE.

The gigs we did at Carlisle where a bit of a drag as no M6 beyond Lancaster in them days. Frank drove the Thames van with all the gear in it which included lights and projectors with oil slides in them, very Austin Powers! I drove the lads to the gigs in our mini van.

I remember driving home from one gig at Carslile Ccounty Hall. We got on the M6 the lads were asleep, it past through my mind that if i held onto the steering wheel i would be able to have 40 winks! My god the things you nearly do when your young and tired.Thankfully stayed awake till arrived home about 4-30 am. then got up for work 7-30.

We played on the same bills as The Bee Gees, The Move, The Kinks and many more top groups of the 60s.

We played with The Move at the UMISTt building in Manchester. They had just taken Flowers in the rain to No1. Roy Wood and Carl Wayne had lumberjacks axes and during the performance started smashing up two televisions on the stage! They got rather carried away and smashed up amps and the stage itself setting off the fire alarms bringing out the fire brigade, who with the help of the police closed the concert.

We got a bollocking off the police they thought we had done the damage as The Move had gone, later to be found in the car park in their van.

That night we had stood in for another group called Lady Jane and The Royalty. Can't remember who the dj was could have been ugly Ray Terret. But we were brought on stage to the Lady Jane etc. Still remember the crowd shouting which one is Jane! Jim had the longest hair so we pointed at him, thank god he never saw that.

Happy days indeed best times of our lives we thought. Rest of the guys gave music up years ago not to sure about Frank not seen or heard of him since end of 60s.

As for me, 61 this May and still playing. Backing artists Sat and Sun evenings at Pendlebury British Legion, Swinton. Still get a buzz some evenings when faces from the sixties turn up doing solo acts not with there groups any more, Shame but what memories of the 60s we have, somthing that will last with us for ever.

Peter Chetham - 25/7/10




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