The Nashville Men (Oldham)

Info courtesy Harry Proctor


  • Ian Goodall - lead guitar & vocals
  • John Kirkham - drums
  • Bill Cook - bass
  • Ian Fenn - piano
  • Harry Procter - roadie

In 1963, the group changed their name to TD and the Shakeouts to avoid confusion with the Nashville Teens.

Bill was married to the singer Avril in the big band at Hillstores Oldham and he left the Nashville Men to join the dance band at Hill Stores.


Yep...I'm glad that someone has a memory of this band. They were friends I think of our French Teacher Yvonne Slater, at Barlow Hall School and they played for us school kids at an end of term bash we had in the early 19'60s.

It led me to want an electric guitar and..I borrowed one from my mate Paul Hawkins...a white Vox Strat copy from his mum's Marshall Ward Catalogue.

Then my other mates at Barlow Hall namely Chris Smith, Alan Pover, Willy Hammond got instruments too, and we started to have a bash in our local Territorial Army barracks in Chorlton. I ducked out because I didnt own my own guitar and couldn't play too good, but the others went on to be"The Dreamweavers" and the rest is history!

Chris Smith made it big time with the "Grit Band" and has his own Guitar business...not sure what happened to Alan Pover and Willy Hammond.

I live In Canada now..and have a couple of Yamaha guitars, and still can't play too well..but "The Nashville Men" kicked me off with the guitar bug way back then.

Derek Alltree - 23/1/10


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