Line-up included

  • Steve Ashton - guitar/vocals
  • Stevie Whalley - guitar/vocals/hammond
  • Bob Butterworth - drums
  • Bob O`Niel - bass/vocals

 The first band I played with were called THE HEARTBEATS which later morphed into THE PURITANS and the last incarnation became NAZARETH (long before the other band of that name!)

The line up of THE HEARTBEATS / PURITANS was Stevie Whalley Guitar/Vocal, Brian Tither Rhythm Guitar, Bob Butterworth Drums, John Oulton Drums ( Two Drummers! ) John Flitcroft Bass.

The band became Nazareth, with the new line-up as above. We were very much in the TRAFFIC/SPOOKY TOOTH genre, and our Mojo was truly strong!

I went on to work with GREASY BEAR and many name acts and strangely took over from Noddy Holder with SLADE for 16 years (longer than Nod!). I`m currently signed to Spectra Records U.S.A. and have an Album TRAVELLIN`SOUL on that Label.

I also now front Manchester Band SAD CAFE.

Manchester Beat..your Mojo is also truly strong!

Steve Whalley  1/5/13







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