Night Train (Sale/Altrincham) 1966_1968

We played the Wheel in 67-68 (and had to play Blackpool Wheel as part of the initial deal as I remember) as well as the Rowntrees circuits – I remember we had to do 2-3 gigs a night at Top of the Town, Takis, Sound etc. – it was quite fun meeting the other bands doing the same circuit in a different direction !

We also played several times at Princess Ballroom Halifax (Pearl Paling) (not Manchester I appreciate but a great music venue) and other gigs around the city including student union on Oxford Road.

We were based south Manchester (Sale & Altrincham) and in those days there were the regular weekend gigs at most of the rugby clubs etc., as well as the civic halls that seem to have gone. Co-op Hall Warrington, Stamford Hall Altrincham, Northwich Memorial Hall (the Morgue) were also places we gigged. There seemed to be live music everywhere, it was a great time.

We played soul/blues with a brass section and it would be great if we may be included in your list to see if anyone remembers.

I did trip over your site by a few days ago by accident but then spent all evening trawling through info, it was fascinating, especially as it jogged memories of other bands of the time.

Every Saturday was spent trailing round the music shops in Manchester on Oxford Road and Deansgate, as well as Johnny Roadhouse at All Saints and there was a camaraderie with most of the smaller bands doing the same thing and coveting all the best gear, then it was all Vox and Marshall, it’s incredible thinking back to what little power we had compared to today’s amps.

Clive Pritchard - 1/8/14


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