Wimple Winch

aka Four Just Men
aka Just Four Men
info provided by Arty Davies

Formerly known as The Four Just Men, then The Just Four Men, a change of style brought a further name change Wimple Winch - reputedly old English for a "ditch".  

Their new manager Mike Carr owned a coffee bar, which he turned into a club, 'The Sinking Ship', near Mersey Square South in Stockport and Wimple Winch became the house band. They secured a record contract with Fontana and proceeded to record a number of singles. 

Sadly, the singles did not do so well nationally, despite heavy local support.

A disastrous fire at the club in Stockport lost them all their gear, This combined with their record contract not taken up meant the end of the band in mid 1967.

  • John Kelman joined the Manchester Big 3 and then Pete Maclaine and the Clan, before returning to Liverpool to live with his parents in Huyton Liverpool, where in the 70s he formed a new lineup of The Four Just Men, with 3 guys from Runcorn, Frank Garland (rhythm guitar, Mal Hoyland bass guitar and Arty Davies on drums).
  • Lawrence Arendes (now King) joined Sponge, a late sixties, slightly jazzy progressive rock combo, who backed Dave Berry on a 1969 single, Huma Luma). They later became into Pacific Drift, who recorded an album and single for Deram in 1970.
  • Dee Christopholus went on to appear in several London Stage Shows including 'Hair', 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and 'Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat'; appeared in BBC's 'Rock Follies' and recorded in the late seventies for G.T.O.

Discography: Wimple Winch

Whats been done/I really love you - Fontana TF686 - 1966

Save my soul/Everybody's worried about tomorrow -  - Fontana TF718 - 1966

Rumble on Mersey Square South/Typical British workmanship - Fontana TF781 - 1967


The first three singles are highly sought after and the Goldmine Record Price Guide values each at over $50US even in VG condition (rising to $100US+ in Near Mint)

The compillation cd fetched $160US on ebay in May 2004. Are cd's collectable as well?


John Kelman won an award on The Billy Butler Show. Radio Merseyside in 1977. He won the award for writing and performing a song called, "Imagination". He later went on to write and record about a dozen instrumentals in the hope of getting The Shadows to record them. Bruce Welch was very keen initially and asked John to keep sending the tapes, which John duly did. Unfortunately Hank Marvin decided to move to Australia and Bruce lost interest.

John doesn`t do much today due to ill health and is living in his parents home in Huyton. I still have the master tapes to most of his instrumentals, plus songs called, "Working Day Blues", and "Nightmare". I hope one day to have them digitally remastered, but can`t afford to yet.

Stan Thompson

It has been suggested Lally Stott was a one-time member of the group. (Harold) Lally Stott was born in Prescot near Liverpool and was brought up in Shore Lane, Prescot.

After many years in the music industry, namely in pop bands such as Four Just Men, playing lead guitar after John Kelman left to join Freddie Starr & the Midnighters (who changed to Freddie Starr & the Delmonts). Lally then left these shores for Italy.

Lally became a very big TV pop star in Italy and married the daughter of a high ranking government official, possibly the head of defence. After they divorced, Lally came back to live with his mother in England, again in Shore Lane, Prescot.

Lally frequented the local dance halls & clubs and one in which I was the DJ Compere (The Plaza, Duke Street in St.Helens). The Plaza saw many top and up and coming artists over the years, Freddie Starr, Black Abbots, the Real Thing, the Chants, Long John Baldry, James & Bobby Purify, The Tams, the Drifters and many more including the Beatles when they were still the Quarrymen.


Lally bought himself a Jaguar in the seventies, but one fateful day he borrowed his mothers moped and was knocked off and killed while on an errand in Prescot, not sure of the exact year but I think it would have been approx 1975/6. Lally's version of Chirpy was slower than Middle of the Road's.

Alan Pennington

I was with a band called 'Mammies Darlings' I remember Wimple Winch well, we were together at the Sinking Ship, happy days!!!!!!!! 

Dave Buck - 28/10/10

Mike Carr was one of the nicest guys I had ever met ... he made a huge success of his coffee bar at a time when "mods" were looking for a place to go. Good music ... good company. 

Unfortunately he met an early death in a tragic motor accident - everyone was totally shocked! Wimple Winch - BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike was very much missed at the time.

Joanna - 16/11/10

Yea - Dave Buck was a great drummer--as well as Mammies Darlings, he later played with the Mike Curtis Set (an underated cabaret band). So tight (money as well as drums) Buck and I were to play many a gig together - best of mates and still are. I'm pleased to read his comments re "Wimplewinch" - the best band I ever played with!!!

Yea old Buckarroo, its me---BAZZA ASHALL--bass player extroardinaire. Listen to anything this guy says - he's real--worn the teashirt!!

The wimplewinchophile is certainly worth a look at--fond memories for me--working on a couple of more releases at the momement--Larry unwell--may need some drumming skills young buck--gerrin touch--regards to all--ARRY BASHALL--a-WHOO--EE--a-WHOO--EE 

Barrie Ashall - 1/12/10

Cheers Barry, I'm still at it doing the comedy thing ...but still hittin the drums now and the. Give me a ring yer get!!!!!!!

Dave Buck - 15/5/11

A blast from the past. Wimple Winch were a great band went to every gig they did a big fan. My brother-in-law Derek Whyment was the road manager for a while. He sadly isn't with us anymore. It was great to listen to the singles.

Yvonne Andrew. nee Openshaw - 28/8/11

I remember Bazz Ashall as one of Eccles's top bass guitarists - I was the other one! Cheers, Barry lad!

Bernard Morris - 28/10/11 

This was recorded at Eccles, nr Manchester in 1963 as part of an unreleased acetate EP, one take vocals and backing & by the group at Granada TV for a series of plays of the same name as they did for many TV progs.

Written by Derek Hilton Granada MD, all Four Just Men & Just Four Men recordings featured Larry King (drums), Dee Christopholus (rhythm), Keith Shepherd (bass) and John Kelman (lead guitar).Other EP tracks: La Bamba, Sticks and Stones & self written instrumental Law & Order. All done in under an hour.

I used to play in a trio with Keith Shpepherd - called Rainy City Band with another Keith on drums. We did a gig with Helen Shapiro and believe it or not Screaming Lord Sutch and the Raving Savages at a big complex near Blackpool/Fleetwood.

Jeremiah - 19/11/11

Wow, Barry Ashall, great bass player from Eccles, Bernard Morris remember the days in the Dayburns from Eccles, doing the Threllfalls circuit working for Arnie.

Ian Thomas - 25/2/12

Lally Stott was in a fatal crash on his own small mototbike on the Jubilee Weekend of 1977. The correct address is Shaw Lane - not Shore Lane He left these shores for Hamburg Germany, as did the Beatles and many other groups from Liverpool at that time, and then on to Rome.

Iain - 3/4/12

I played lead guitar for a couple of months when Barry Ashall was bass player. Can't remember what year, but I remember the repertoire of Frank Zappa songs, and having a great time. 

Frank Renshaw - 18/2/13

Just a little more history on Lally. We began as the Bachelor Boys in the early sixties before being renamed the Vacqueros prior to our appearance in the film " Gonks Go Beat. The director of the film , Robert Hartfors Davis, gave is the name and also put us on BBC 2 TV, Beat Room where we appeared with Tammy St. John, The Rocking Berries, Screaming Lord Such and the Hollies. Lally sung a Little Richard song and I performed a drum solo. We also cut a record at Dekka Recording Studios. We worked together for three years before breaking up. Later Lally went on to Italy and I to Germany. Also with the Vacqueros where Gary Roberts on rhythm and Alan Liptrot on bass.

John Kearns, drums  - 5/3/13











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