The Woodlanders

circa 1966 - 1969


  • Marie Branagh - vocals (The Senators Showband, Belfast)
  • Grahame Mathews - guitar/vocals
  • Ken Porter - guitar/vocals (Sleepwalkers)

The act originally formed when Grahame Mathews left the group (unknown name) he played for in Oldham. 

His aim was to create a "Springfield's" type act & placed adds in the Manchester Evening News.

I joined him & Marie about one week later. After a few weeks of concentrated rehearsal we had the obligatory 3 half hour spots. Some auditions later, we ended up on the books of BARNY SMITH ENTERPRISES where he groomed us & produced us into a slick act able to double or treble cabaret venues each night using 1 Vox ac 30, 2 guitars & our clothes carriers. This was much easier than the earlier days carrying tonnes of gear around .

After The Woodlanders parted Marie toured with The Idaho Show Band & then moved to the USA where she continued to sing & tour and still lives there.

I joined & formed many other acts through the 70s & 80s (the Paul James duo, The Cordells, Capricorn, Dr, Rhythm & Krystal Kane.

Since 1969 I have not seen or heard from Grahame ... but I have recently traced Marie & we exchange emails.

Ken Porter - 22/9/09



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