The Zephyrs

Line-up included

  • Tommy Harbron

My band The Zephyrs appeared at The Playhouse Theatre in Manchester on two occasions in 1961 and 1962. On the same bill were Pete McLane and the Dakotas before Billy J Kramer joined the same band. 

I remember Peter Pilbeam well and also The Trad Lads (part of the NDO).and on another show I think it was another Mersey Band on the same bill.

Tommy Harbron - 10/9/12

I think the Zephyrs played at Oldham's football ground before a match. They where great - the foot ball was poor. I also recollect the Zephyrs in a film with Steve Marriot about a music contest .I hope I am not getting mixed up with the Zodiacs.

Jim Whatmough - 1/12/12 








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