Ray Lea-Jones

Do you remember a D.J. there who worked with Paul Pender called Ray Lea-Jones at Super Takis. I saw him in the south of France last year and he still looks the same .... a bit bigger round the waste and a few grey hairs but that's about it .... how do you get to his age ( must be 60+ ) look good on it ...

Spike. a Super Takis goer 1967/1970


I first took up the mike in 1965 at a disco called the Bat Cave in Wythenshawe. It was part of ten a pin bowling alley with a D.J. who called himself Johnny Be Good. I also did the Ice Rink in Altrincham, The Southern Hotel near Southern cemetery and Uglys Music Motor in Liverpool. There where umpteen other pubs in and a round Manchester whose names have slipped my mind.

Then it was on to Takis with Paul Pender. I also did the odd night at other clubs with in the Rountrees group.


Me in the middle with Paul Pender on the right - Rowntrees Sound and (right) the dance floor at Takis

Takis stage (below) and


Ray sat on the door of the car (right) with Manchester Dj Chris Davis