Pavillion Gardens (Buxton)

Following the death of Ginger Baker I was looking on the usual websites for CDs (live shows) by his band Ginger Baker’s Airforce formed after the break up of Cream and later Blind Faith. Can’t recall who was in the line up but the bands debut album did feature Steve Winwood.

I came across these posters for the Buxton Pavillion (in the gallery below), for August and November 1970 under the title of Sound 70 which I went to with mates from Bramhall. Both gigs were all nighters. 

I do recall the trains to Buxton were full of ‘heads’ from Manchester and Stockport and many found local pubs before the doors opened.

At the August gig Mungo Jerry appeared on the back of great live reviews that summer and their hit ‘In The Summertime’ and they went down a storm. 

Keef Hartley's Big Band were regulars on the festival circuit (they had also played Woodstock) playing big band jazz rock, Manfred Mann's Chapter 3 were Manfred’s move from pop and Dylan covers and as expected very jazzy as well.

Tea & Symphony were festival regulars and my mate Pete Willsher says that he remembers being ‘impressed' by Elias Hulk.

At the November gig Fat Mattress was Noel Redding’s band after he left Hendrix; Black Widow had just released their album 'Come To The Sabbatt' and were a ‘new' CBS band (regularly compared to Black Sabbath); Paladin were unsigned in 1970 but went onto record for Bronze Records; don’t recall much about Strange Fox (they were on Parlophone) and prog rock band Elias Hulk had their album out on Young Blood Records. 

Compare for both shows Pete Drummond was a Radio One DJ, ‘second’ only to John Peel. Pete had various progressive music shows on the station in the late 1960s/early 1970s (evenings usually) and was one of the presenters of 'Sounds Of The Seventies’ the five nights a week ‘progressive' music show.   

But what on earth were pop group Marmalade doing among the prog rock and jazz rock bands? By 1970 they were a mainstream pop band really. It may be that they were part of the agents package?

Buxton Pavillion hosted more all nighters a year earlier in 1969…more of which later.

Tony Burke 10/10/2019

The Progressive Blues gig was on September 26th 1969.

Family with Roger Chapman on vocals were manic and great; East of Eden a good progressive rock outfit who later hit the UK charts in 1971 with ‘Jig-a-Jig’ and a fine 1970 album ‘Snafu’ on Deram were well received and Fleetwood Mac were still lead by Peter Green (who left them in 1970) and were a top flight white blues band.

Edgar Broughton Band closed the show in the early morning with their anthem ‘Out Demons Out’ and they played a storming version of Captain Beefheart’s Dropout Boogie’ which had the Pavillion rocking.

John Peel was a cool as ever, Spirit of John Morgan and Glass Menagerie played two sets each I think and there were other bands on the bill including Grisby Dyke and local favourites Stackwaddy who signed to Peel’s Dandelion label.

At the June 6th 1970 gig the Third Ear Band were a bit boring and the bar beckoned. Atomic Rooster with Vincent Crane on keyboards were excellent - as were The Strawbs fronted by Dave Cousins and featuring Rick Wakeman on keyboards. Cousins told the story of how the BBC wouldn’t play one of their songs as it had the word ‘nipples’ in the lyrics. 

Mathews Southern Comfort played a set of what we now call 'country rock' and a month later they climbed the charts with a cover of Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock.

John Hiseman’s Colosseum (with the great Dick Heckstall Smith on sax and Hiseman on drums) were on fine form with a powerful jazz rock set.

Can’t recall Taste’s set. Dunno why as I am a big fan of Rory Gallagher and had seen the band quite a few times, when they came to Manchester - but don’t recall their set. Also on the bill were Flaming Youth with Phil Collins. Barclay James Harvest were no shows and an outfit called Daddy Longlegs also appeared. 

Tony Burke 10/10/2019

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