Majestic Club  (140 Deansgate) 

The Majestic was originally called The Birdcage and later was called The Ebony.

Situated at 140 Deansgate, in a cellar underneath a coffee bar, the Majestic was one long room with a stage one end and a coffee bar the other. All-nighters held each Saturday but often fairly poorly attended, with acts comprising of local groups only.

"I spent many a long night at the Majestic All-nighters. Looking back on them, they were mighty boring. We used to sit on the floor and try to sleep. My dad thought I was having a great time and was probably a bit jealous."

DJ Kevin Lane was a regular, as were groups willing to work for 12 pounds for two 45 minute spots during the all-nighter session.


Alvin Robinson played there on 5 November 1966 (This is most likely with The Motivation who included Martin Barre before he was in Jethro Tull)

Nick Warburton - 26/6/10


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