Over the generations, the Manchester area has nurtured thousands of musical acts, ranging in styles as diverse as music hall and Madchester.

But it was the sixties that was the first to bring the music to the people.  There were groups in almost every street, kids playing their music without thought of fame - just fun.

Although many were adopted on a national scale, others were content to stir only local interest before their eventual demise.

Despite their lack of national commercial success, they were part of the tremendous Manchester area music scene that continues to play such a major part in our lives.

Proudly based in the sixties, these pages salute the groups, agents, disc jockeys, shops and clubs in the Manchester area that gave us all such a great time! Memories that have lasted a lifetime!

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Latest News - Monday 10th August 2020

I have just acquired a small cache of Manchesterbeat books - all in new/not read condition. 

Volume 2:   3 available     Volume 3:  5 available    Volume 4:   5 available      Volume 1 and 5:   Sorry all gone :-(

Books will be sold at cost - Book and postage/packing
Books cost me approx 11UKP each and basic postage (standard envelope plus bubblewrap) and part of the Paypal charges 7UKP  - Total cost 18UKP

Due to the nature of Australia Post charges (books are in Aus), there is no discount for multiples as costs are charged in 250 gram blocks.  Books and envelope just under (its very close).

How to buy:

Just email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating what you want - first come, first served basis.

I will then email you with Paypal details. 

CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON THE BOOKS  - the pricing. postage info is out of date.


Magic Lanterns version of Pete Cowap's Rumplestiltskin


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