Barrie Seddon

In 1960 a girlfriend I had saidI should go to a youth club that she went to in Swindon.

That's when it all started for me. After going a few times I met up with Gordon Rennie, we got talking and he said he was forming a group and asked if I played, I said I did but not very good. He took me on board and showed me a few chords and that was it, the start of the Zenons.

That group ran for about two years then it became Tony and the Presidents. We had a lot of drummers coming and going and it seems every group had the same problem. Tony left and I took over the vocals. Then Gordon left and Joe the drummer joined the army. The group had to cancel a few gigs until we found a drummer and we did, we got Colin Foster. This line up was Dave Nightingale(Lurch) lead guitar, Dave Wallwork bass guitar, Barrie Seddon rhythm guitar and vocals, Colin Foster drums. This group lasted until 1969/70.

From then on I have been in groups and duos; have done folk music, music hall, pop and own stuff. The first folk group was Cottonsong with Joyce Ridings, Jay Baker and myself we ran Horwich Folk Club. It then became New Cottonsong when Derek Ryder (dad of Sean Ryder of Happy Mondays) joined with Keith Watmore on bass. We played a lot of great clubs round the North West and the Lake District.


Cottonsong with Vernon Mills who would join us from time to time on banjo. From left to right Barrie Seddon, Joyce Ridings, Jay Baker and Vernon Mills at the back.


This is the first Cottonsong taken at the Crown Horwich folk club. From back to front Barrie Seddon, Jay Baker, Joyce Ridings. 


New Cottonsong at the Wendover Monton left to right Barrie, Keith, Derek


New Cottonsong just unloaded at  the theatre in the Forest Grisdale.

When Keith left the two of us became Derek and Barry Harrie we did this for about twelve years playing places like Theatre in the Forest, Brewers Art Centre Kendal to Quarfers Country Club, we also did a gig for Radio Piccadilly.



This was one of many from a photo shoot. Barrie Seddon and Derek Ryder.

A photo publicity card taken by Arthur Waite. 1980's 


Me at Westhoughton Folk Club singing the blues. Just love Eric Bibb.


Me and Derek I think this was taken in Sale somewhere.Derek says he can't remember buying the red trousers - must be an age thing.

Then I joined Auld Triangle who ran a successful folk club in Westhoughton. The club won Folk Club of the Year in the BBC Radio Two folk awards in 2000. We also put out a CD that same year ( Auld Triangle at Westhoughton Folk Club). 


 Auld Triangle at Westhoughton Folk Club about 1994/5 Barrie, Pat, Mike. 


Auld Triangle Left to right Barrie,Mike, Pat, Clive. 


Me with Bernard Wrigley at our retirement bash the barn, Rivington. Image copyright to Roger Liptrot This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Grandads left to right Roger, Barrie, Chris taken at Croston.

The line up was Pat Batty vocals, guitar and keyboard, Mike Austin guitar, Mandela and percussion and Barrie Seddon on bass, guitar and vocals. Then Clive Leyland came aboard on guitar, piano and vocals, sadly Clive died in 2007 just after we retired from the club.

I had been in the group fourteen years, we did some great gigs with some great people like SteEleye Span, Fairport Convention, Beth Neilson Chapman, Alan Taylor and Eddi Reader.

I am now in a threesome called The Grandads with Chris Jones and Roger Ennis and still doing a bit here no there.

It's been a great 57 years. Thanks to everyone.

Barrie - Jan 2017

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