Clive Kelly and Seacide


Clive has invented the word SEACIDE to describe the way that we are killing our oceans (use as in suicide or genocide)


Antigua Sun Fri 7 April 2000 2

Antigua Sun - 7/4/200          Clive is holding a gold record for MINDGAMES by JOHN LENNON, given to him by ROY CICALL

I suppose we all have those distinct memories.

My first and most vivid, was bombs dropping and seeing our house blown up. I was 5ish and it was during the Second World War.

My second shocking memory was just recently, when I returned to dive in the Bahamas. You see I distinctly remember certain coral reefs from the 80's when I used to take tourists down on my Dive Charter tours. The most fantastically beautiful colours are still swimming around somewhere in my memory channels but the disastrous reality is - They Are Gone. I couldn't believe my eyes when, in their place I found dead, grey silted, broken, masses of destroyed coral!!

Have you ever tried crying under the sea ? I did and it's all the bloody same!!. Because of this Sea-cide action I decided to do an explanatory story as it's the only way I know to try to reach out to those people and governments in an effort to try to stop this insanity.

What is it called. ? I believe it's called progress, created out of our core belief of capitalism, or in other words, "Consumer Society" As I see it we have to drastically change our educational system and our way of living. We must give more love to our Mother Planet Earth [the Water Planet] We are all 80% salt water in blood content, as is Mother Earth. So why are we poisoning her.? I believe that we are here to help those non 'with human' speaking animals. It seems obvious. Whales, Elephants etc. have bigger thinking equipment than we do but they don't need to go polluting items to survive.

We've definitely gone over the top, the wrong way. Each single one of us is individually responsible for each other and all the animals and plants. We are graced with creative hands and brains, so let's create more kindness and love for each other, regardless of how many legs or no legs, religions or beliefs.

You know it's been proven and said before so I'll say it again. The consumer societies, of which the U.S.A. is by far the biggest [it is in fact 25% more so] are destroying our planet and all sentient beings aboard her so fast that in 50 years or so, now with the water even less, our planet will undergo a drastic change.

Here's a point to ponder. In 1977 I did a survey and found that the Amazon Indians only need a language of 400 words, when we use over 250,000 [according to Roget's Thesaurus]
note: good politicians go to special elocution schools to learn to confuse people with their excessive verbal. The Amerindians only had 22 objects to survive daily life, i.e. 1 bow, 3 arrows, one hammock, one canoe etc. etc. we need thousands, just try to count every maintenance needing piece in your T.V., fridge, or car etc, etc, each and every single part, a breakable, stress giving responsibility. As I get older, note, now 65 years, I realise that the less I have to worry about, the easier and less stressful is life.

So you see, "civilisation" as we live it, is an ever-growing consumer society pollution, capital gain is addictive like any other vice. The more we have the more we want, and the tighter we get. Then comes. "Protect it and wars",!!) Banks, and Tanks!!!. My pal "Paul Wind" and I have attempted to show you, by way of a chart design just how we are destroying the heart {0cean} of our mother, the rivers are her life giving veins, yet we allow each other to openly poison them in the name of progression. Herein I list the River-cide 'n Sea-cide offences.

1 Jet-Skis and Jet-Boats;
Now used by gold prospectors to pollute the water systems faster, with their poisonous Mercury [used to separate gold from grit] Jet-skis suck, compress, kill, 'n eject. The motorised mosquitoes' noise, evicts birds from their nests and annihilates all other animals in their way,[Bar 'em].

2 Dredgers;
Now working around the clock in most South, and Central American Rivers, in the relentless search for Bauxite, Gold, Precious Stones, etc, etc. They cut, drill, and grind the riverbeds and coastal zones. Not only oil pollution but even worse still, the underwater noise, expels all life from the vicinity.

3 Toxics;
The stacked barrels represent insecticide. The tobacco industry in the America is on the decline. Their excess reserves of stockpiled poisons in rusty metal barrels are leaking into the surrounding rivers. In many other places crop dusting planes spray poisons, thus killing ecologically needed insects, animals, and rivers, etc, etc. It goes on and on !!!.The shrimp fishermen in the well known 'Lake of ducks' on the South coast of Brazil, visited 'Survival' recently to ask me to advise whoever that their age old, once sustainable shrimp industry, is dying rapidly because of insecticides, etc, etc.

4 Blast fishing, or fish bombers;
We have spent two years from 1996,to1998, trying to stop dynamiters in Bahia Brazil. We became so caustic towards these sea-cide criminals …………….

5 Blue plastic bags from banana plantations,
Used to hang over bananas by windblown river running to sea.

6 Excessive cattle;
Creating water pollution from their extreme bodily functions caused by fattening chemicals or hormone injections. Their overeating causes masses of ejected gasses, which could effect the climate.
Note:- There are millions of billions of cattle recently introduced by newish invaders. Before the alien invaders took control of South America, the biggest animal was the small 'Bambi' deer. After just a few years of grazing cattle, the grass disappears and desert sand takes control!!! [Desertification]

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