Graham Attwood

List of groups 
Steel TonesSkiffle 
Powerhouse SixRock and Roll 
Pete Bocking SixInstrumental 
Sean and the SonicsRock and Roll 
Alan Jeffries BandPoppy 
Soul ExecutivesSoul 
Sixth EditionJazzy 
Shakedown BandSoul 
Britannia Showband  
Crooks Brown BandJazz 
Constant Flux?
John Tapp, Richard Cripps band
Handsome BrosRnB 
Rio CurtisRock 
Mega BandRnB Big Band 
Pete Maclaine and The ClanRock and Roll1982 -
Soul BanditsSoul 
Jims TiesSwing 
Best BandRnB Showband 
Big HeadsRock and Rock 
Road DogRnB 
Rock of AgesRock and Rock 
Casino All-StarsNorthen Soul 


Another band was 'The Dixieland Hummingbirds' which Graham probably doesn't remember; the band only ever had one gig at a party in a photographic studio with a free bar which Graham took more than full advantage of. When we finally went on to play, Graham blew one note then fell off the stage. 

He spent the rest of the gig locked in the one and only toilet. We were not invited back. 

And then there was the New Years Eve gig at Bramhall Cricket Club with me (Pete Crooks) and John Dickinson on Guitars, Bruce Mitchell on drums and a guy that Graham had met in a pub that lunch time...

Pete Crooks - 12/2/09

I can remember a couple more bands that Atty played with as well. The Beagles for one. We played Bredbury Hall once, another night with Atty that I can't recall! Also, Fitch's Itch's once or twice.

Having known and played with Atty for a bit over 30 years (The Soulbandits included) I have perilously few memories of these tremendous occasions. I rely on other people to tell me I was there!! Cheers Dad!!!

Fitch - 15/10/09


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