Harry Green - The Fwuerk 

I was either born, launched or excavated in Dublin! Yes I'm a Paddy, so shut furkin up. 

I became an Indendent Pop Star when I was in the Army, and I didn't want to get shot before I got Fwueked!  Nuttin wrong with that, prefer outgoing than incoming.  

Tried to play guitar in the Army but every one was Wank Marvin, and I was just wank,  so I went on bass.   Best decision I ever made, cos De Bass an de Drums Make de Band. (sorry I went into my Irish Accent then), and I had a tremendous amount of unsuccess in that role.

I have been lucky enough to play with some great people, some in bands, some in beds, and quite a few knee tremblers (sorry bout the cleaning bills) and it was Fwuerkin GREAT and  we all wish we could go back.  

OLIVERS TWIST,  PINK ENGINE, TIGER FOG, SLEEP, and JUNIOR (Burnley), my lovely Pals.   

Gigs remembered

The Cluban club ,Salford.   Double with The SUBHUMAN, GORTON.   Big Money £14 for the double, but we got a 10 shilling tip for playin "La Bamba",  Can't remember the Agent but he might have a connection with a sheep shagger (Shepherd ?), Baaad,Baaad!  We were stuffed and we loved it, makin Fat Cats Fatter, Jim u Twit , Fwuerk off !  

Spent some years running pubs, and fightin, TOWN HALL TAVERN (Salford), FARMERS ARSE (Burnage), HULTON ARMS (Bolton), and THE BOWLING GREEN (Exeter).   

Got a job with Gary Kane and the Tornadoes (famous in the 60's) and when Gary had enough we became The EXETER TORNADOES (didn't get as many shags as I used to get cos I was married).     

Still got my Rickenbacker  and PEAVEY (heavy as fwuerk ) amp and looking for a band,  Not finished yet, still lots of people to ANNOY.

Anyone fancy a Shag (women only).  I'll be here when I'm gone just to pee you off, cos your too important to leave - your my PALS





Oliver's Twist


Oliver's Twist


Oliver's Twist

pink engine

Pink Engine

tiger fog

Tiger Fog


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