Peter Bocking Tributes

Sadly legendary guitarist Peter Bocking passed away this week.

In the late fifties when most guitarist were struggling with chord shapes Peter was wrapping his head and fingers around the neck of a guitar working on his solos.

His first band the Jets, was formed in 1958 with friends John ‘Butch’ Mepham, Derrick Quinn and Joe Abrams and was fronted by Johnny Peters. Being one of the earliest rock and roll bands in Manchester, rather than a skiffle group, they made a big impact on the local youth club circuit. In 1960 the band changed their name to The Fourtones and backed a duo that went by the name of Ricky and Dane Young, better known as Allan Clark and Graham Nash, who later went on to form The Hollies.

Peter was a man of immense talent and determination and even in his teenage years he was seldom seen without a guitar in his hands. A regular in the music shops of Oxford Road he would be seen perched on a Vox AC30 amplifier with a Gretsch or Fender guitar across his lap effortlessly picking out complicated guitar licks.

A young guitarist watched amazed as Bocking played the bass line with his thumb while picking out the top line with his fingers, astonished at his dexterity the lad asked him what he was doing. “Flat top picking,” was the answer, “have you never listened to Chet Atkins?” The young chap shook his head, left the shop and found the nearest record store and a Chet Atkins album.

The guitarist was Peter Cowap, a legend in his own right, who made a living from that style of playing, but to Peter Bocking it was just another style to master along with jazz and classical. The two men were very close friends until Peter Cowap’s death in 1997.

Pete Maclaine and the Clan were one of the top bands in the north of England in the early sixties, partly due to the talented, young front man, but Peter Bocking was also gaining a fan base of his own as young guitarists traveled from all over the North West to watch in awe. Around 1962 he bought a Barney Kessel guitar. Impressed by the master his influences changed to jazz as opposed to the popular music of the day and it was at this point that he and Pete Maclaine parted company.

The Pete Bocking Six had two saxes and a tight rhythm section it became a bands band in which Peter could indulge in his love of jazz, weaving jazz riffs into the fabric of the contemporary songs the audience wanted to hear. He also slipped in the odd classic such as Take Five, made famous by the Dave Brubeck quartet. One can only imagine the thrill the Beatles had finding they were booked at the Oasis on the same bill as Peter Bocking.

By the early seventies Peter’s ability on the guitar was well known and his skill as a reader opened doors as a session musician and as backing for touring artist. In 1972 he landed the job of lead guitarist with Lonnie Donegan on his world tour. Peter was a long time admirer of Lonnie Donegan and regarded him as one of the most influential figure in British contemporary music. Peter traveled the continent and worked as far a field as Australia and the USA, including Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the world.

Peter suffered with arthritis in his spine from the age of 14 and has walked with the aid of a walking frame for many years, thankfully his hands were spared and with them his enormous talent but his illness did caused him to curtail his aspirations in the music business.

In the mid seventies he made a decision, on health grounds, to move from popular music into the jazz field full time where he formed friendships with many well-known jazz and blues musicians. These were fruitful on a personal level if not a financial one. Even up until his death he practiced two to three hours a day, if possible.

Never one to be complacent he decided to take up the seven-string guitar last year to add another dimension to his playing. An extraordinary man.

Peter will be sadly missed by all who knew and admired him.

Courtesy Danny Hardman

I can fill in a small gap in the career of Peter Bocking as we were in the same year at Burnage Grammar from 1954 (!) where Peter used to practise in the cloakrooms during breaks with another guitar player, Chris Kershaw.

They did very early gigs with Lek Leckenby (Hermans Hermits) and guitarist Tony Walmsley (who taught Lek to play). School concerts would feature Paul Beattie (before The Beats) Peter B and a great piano player called Pete Howarth. After school when Peter had just finished playing with the Fourtones I persuaded him to join up with my mate Pete Howarth in a group called The Phantoms - which also featured Keith Shepherd on bass, Graham Smith on drums and Trevor Jones on rhythm and vocals. They were a terrific outfit and so musically advanced they were often asked to back visiting solo singers such as Susan Maughan and Danny Williams at venues like the 3 Coins and Oasis.

In the late '60s I produced a recording session at Olympic studios in London with Peter on guitar, Tevor Morais on drums (Faron's Flamingos, Peddlers, Elkie Brooks etc) and keyboard wizz Pete Robinson (Quatermass). Those tapes are still languishing in the vaults unreleased, as are tapes I have of Peter in practise mode running through his scales and riffs which have to be heard to be believed !

Peter visited me "down south" many times over the years and I never lost touch with the old bugger - I shall miss his company very much.

If anyone's interested in Pete's guitar heroes they should check out recordings by Barney Kessel, Grady Martin, Hank Garland and his favourite Howard Roberts.

Geoff Mullin - 10/11/09


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Just in case you would like to visit the Nursery Inn, a pub that Peter loved, we had many good drink and laugh here. It is in fact not in WEST DISBURY, but Heaton Norris, Green Lane.  Simon, my eldest son, the landlord will make you welcome.

Pete Maclaine


Friends of Peter gathered at the Nursery Inn (Sunday 2/11/09), to remember the man. Pete Maclaine and the Clan worked their magic providing the music.

Those pictured are (not in any order) - Simon Wetton, Johnny Peters, Dave Barrow, Terry Moreton, Ian McNabb, Ted Lee, Victor Brox, Bob Crossland, Graham Attwood, Jim Warhurst, Pete Maclaine, Butch Mepham, Johnny Hynes, John Connors, Gerry McLaughlin, Elaine Connors, Pete Gibson, Keith Shepherd, Dave Lunt, Kevin Parrot, Brian Day, Ray Terret.

Picture courtesy Sheila Mepham


FWIW, I'm sure you've noticed all the people from "JustOneMinute" (JOM) that have left messages. I am one of them. I've begun the task of pulling together a "Best of PeterUK" collection of comments he left at JOM. Don't know if it would be appropriate for the tribute page (it's almost all politics and mostly American politics), but thought I'd pass it along. His wit really was unequaled.

A great story sent by Tony Glaser, which will raise a smile at such a sad time. I met someone in the music business and asked him if he knew Peter Bocking:

"Sure I do. We were drinking one night and decided to go on to a restaurant. We ordered two large steaks and two beers. Waiting for the food to come, I went off to phone my wife with some lame excuse for being late home. The call turned out to be a long one.

I was sorry about leaving Pete on his own. No need. By the time I got back he'd eaten both steaks, drunk both pints, and had just ordered desert and liqueurs.

Yes, I know Peter" 


I interviewed Peter about the sixties Manchester scene for a piece in City Life in 1992, an encounter which led to a warm friendship, mainly conducted via email. He was a prolific correspondent. Presuming on his interest, I sent him full transcripts of my interviews with jazz musicians. It wasn't long before I was receiving a string of 'posthumous interviews', displaying Bocking-esque skills of wit, erudition and parody. Here's one -

Mike: Well Joe, you are the foremost Baroque composer of all time.
J.S. Bach: Well Mike, I wouldn't quite put it in those terms. I mean, Buxtehude is more my idea of Baroque. I don't like to be pigeonholed. I like to think that my music has freer, more modern elements.
Mike: Yes, you have certainly done more to establish the dominant seventh with a flattened ninth chord than any previous composer.
J.S. Bach: Are you a musician?
Mike: No, but I've got all your albums.

Time and again, he countered my prosaic messages with similar hilarious flights of imagination, but he could also be wise and thoughtful . I miss his warmth as a person, and his great musicianship, and certainly my inbox is a poorer place without him.

Mike Butler - 20/11/09

Very sad to hear of the passing of Peter Bocking. I remember Peter from the early '60s, which was the last time I spoke to him, when he played guitar for the Les Moss Orchestra at Bolton Palais. Great player on his Fender Jag and piggy back Showman. He used to piss off all the headline band lead players with his exceptional ability.

Paul Shaw

Very sad to hear about Peter. This guy was a true legend in his own lifetime. We sank many a pint of lager in the Golden Gate near Oxford Road station - me, Derek Lekenby & Pete. Great times. He will be sadly missed by all who were privileged to have known him. God Bless Pete

Brian Higham

Peter was a good friend for many, many years. We first met when we formed the Jets to back Johnny Peters in 1958 Peter was only about 17 at the time and a wonderful guitar player even then. We went on to back Alan Clark and Graham Nash as the Fourtones, then the Peter Bocking 6 about six years in all as his bass guitar player.

I just couldn't believe my ears when his friend Moureen phoned to say he was dead. Sheila and myself were going to invite him over for tea today ( Sat 31st Oct. ) as it is his 67th birthday. A great loss to the musical world.

Butch Mepham


Peter playing with Victor Brox at the Nursey Inn
about 18 months ago (courtesy Butch Mepham)

Sadly I missed most of Pete's career, But I heard lots of stories of his amazing talent from one of his ex colleagues (Terry Morton), Luckily I finally got to see Peter play at the Star & Garter, Fairfield St, on a number of occasions in the '90s.

If anything he was more amazing than I had expected. A guitar virtuoso & gentleman to boot. Didn't Peter steal the Beatles thunder at the Oasis one night ? RIP Peter God bless you.

Phil Roberts

Sad Sad News ... I first met Peter Bocking at school at Burnage Grammar. He taught me the chords to play to the songs we were singing in the school Christmas Concert. I played rhythm and did the vocals and Peter played incredible lead guitar.

We kept in touch forever in 60s clubs and Mecca dancing and he played for me on recording sessions at Neild and Hardy studios, at Inter City Studios and at Strawberry Studios all in Stockport.

Often on a Sunday night he would turn up at The Nursery Inn  on the last Sunday of the Month and do a guest spot with The Mighty Pete Maclaine and the Clan. Jerry the guitarist would kindly stand down while Peter did his thing. I shall miss him,

He was part of the real Cement of Manchester Music since the beginning. He will be missed tonight as he was going to Guest at the Nursery again. Bless him.

Ugli Ray Teret

What can I say about my friend Pete, a MANCHESTER legend. He was a great influence on many guitarist. I know he will be up there in guitar heaven with COWAP & LEK and all the others. I will miss his cutting sarcastic humour, he always made me laugh.

I know he is safe now. God bless PETE.

Pete Maclaine

Oh Peter,what are you doing leaving us like this? I know you were never very well but I thought you would live forever. God must have needed one of the worlds finest guitarists. Sleep well my old friend. Love always, 

Elaine Connors

Butch rang me with the sad news of Pete. Heaven has another legend in the dressing room waiting to go on the eternal stage! I only hope on this occasion mine's at the back. God bless you Bocking, we all loved you. PS Sorry to hear you won't see the next Allied Carpet sale.

Requiescat In Pace.

Fred Fielder MBE Radio Presenter, Bagpipe Player, Didgeridoo, Recorder, Penny Whistle, Kazoo, Fellow Musician (I firmly believe) message ends 

Peter was a one off, in style and wit, and was one of the characters that make music worthwhil, as a guitarist there was always something new to hear. Obviously both playing the same instrument we didn't play together very much, but he was always someone I was pleased to see. I'm really sad I won't see him again, and I know many others will feel the same.

Norman Beaker 

Worst news I've received in a long time. Peter will be sadly missed by all who knew him. "Lost Another One." Rest in peace Pete.

Brian Garnett - Ex Vortex Five Etc.

Everything that has been said here is so very true! I was only the driver in those long gone days with 'The Fourtones' and then lost contact for so many years. Thanks to 'Manchester Beat' and my great friend John (Butch) Mepham, we came to know each other again.

It's so sad that direct contact has been lost again, but when we all meet up next time, we only have to listen out for that seven string harp! Pete will be there to play us all in!

Ian McNab (The Mancunian Roadie)

I can imagine Peter starting a heated discussion and then zimmering off while everybody else is left to argue. Mr. Bocking 'RESPECT' you were THE MAN. You could play riffs nobody else could play.Will always remember you.

Derek Quinn ( Fourtones ) 

I remember so well the first time I heard Pete play ... must have been 1960 or 1961 ... What a great player ... even then he could play every solo you ever wanted to hear ... without doubt he was very instrumental in bringing me and my music to this place.  I think about him often and I know he will be sorely missed.

I know I will miss his presence...

Graham Nash

We still had so many things to do and say, so many more memories and stories to relive and share. The world just became a little more lonely. I will forever miss your sparkling wit and sense of humour,your endless search for new challenges but above all your unwavering friendship.

You will live on in our hearts and minds forever. Goodnight and God Bless Pete, Your pal Ted xxxxxxxx

Ted Lee

Peter, I will never again be able to make your favourite bread and butter pudding without thinking of you.

We used to look forward to you coming for dinner, you alway's said you wouldn't have a TV in your house, but, you could never take your eye's off ours, specially the music DVDs that John used to record for you to see. We will miss you Peter. Rest in Peace.

Sheila Mepham

I was at school with Pete, but one of my long lasting memories of him is from Big Wal's funeral in 1988. PB was sat in an office at Electric Wood just picking away on an old guitar, not even plugged in. Slowly but surely conversations died as folk noticed him playing and every one stopped to watch and listen in awe.

A few were "young 'uns" and didn't know who Pete was, but they certainly recognised the quality and realised that they were in the presence of someone special.

Dave Chalmers

I have to say that in over 50 years as a freelance professional session musician I have worked with hundreds of guitarists around the world,but not one of them could match Pete Bocking's incredible technique. As a pure guitarist he was unsurpassable. He was "the guitarists'guitarist".

I remember him playing specially adapted,very fast violin solos,and evry note would be there in the right place. He achieved all this in spite of a very long and lingering illnessand still managed to keep his spirits up and dish out that wicked sense of humour. Rest in peace Peter, Luv

Brian Day

This is such sad news.  Pete and I were in the Donegan band together and for all the times we were both in the band, we were roomies when on the road. A fine musician, and great company. I have some terrific memories of Pete and some that are either just too funny to publish on a public site, and some just too sad!

I have left some pics on my blog at: http://

God Bless Pete. x

Mark Goodwin

I last saw Pete at the Clan reunion at The Nursery pub last year. Johnny Hines the original Clan drummer was ill, so Pete Maclaine rang me at the last minute to stand in. It was great to see that Pete's arthritis had not affected his playing at all. I couldn't believe that he even remembered the name of my dog "Jimpy" from the mid sixties.

What a memory, what a player, what a guy, what a loss!

Bernie Byrnes.

So sorry to hear that Pete has passed away. The first time I heard Pete play was when I was asked to join Pete Maclaine & The Clan in 1963. It was a fantastic experience to hear him and it soon emerged he was an excellent jazz guitarist also.

Often after a local gig I would go back to Pete's place in Fallowfield and we would talk until the early hours about some of his favourite guitar players such as Tal Farlow, Barney Kessel, Jimmy Raney to name but three. I will also remember him for his unique sense of wit and humour. Rest in Peace Pete.

John Hynes

He fully understood the art of Music,a great player him self.I was privileged to have guitar lessons of the highest quality.Will be missed by many. 

David Brown

Great sadness this side of the pond as well today. Wonderful man, wonderful mind.
I Feel so very lucky to have had him sharing his marvelous wit and wisdom with us at JustOneMInute. Knew nothing about his friends and life over there, but can certainly understand your affection and feeling of loss for one so dear. Thank you P'UK for the pleasure of letting us learn to know and love you. God Bless. Daddy Flynn

I am another JOM participant who enjoyed Peter's wit and admired his intelligence. I never guessed his identity, although I knew he was famous for his music, but you didn't have to know his name or occupation to appreciate his love of music, liberty and truth. He did not suffer fools well. It was a pleasure, no gift, to have shared in his being! I claim a new angel in heaven, dear PeterUK.

Glenda Waggoner

Until his death, I only knew PeterUK from his postings on the JOM blog. Now through the Internet I have read about his life and heard him play guitar. Wit, harmony and informed analysis have rarely been put together in such a wonderful mixture. After I reread many of PeterUK's JOM postings yesterday, I went and reread some Thomas Hobbes, because PeterUK's writings exhibited Hobbes' stark honesty in the cause of humanism. Our loss is Eternity's gain.

Thomas Collins

I knew Peter only through our exchanges on a political blog, where he went by the name of PeterUK. His every comment was witty, well-informed and polite. Everyone who knew him through that blog misses him and his delightful contributions to our discourse.

God bless him.

Tom Mustin, Coronado, California

What a privilege it has been to talk online with PeterUK/PUK over the years. A good man. He occupied a big world with music fans and friends, and online fans and friends. I will miss him very much while looking forward to continuing our conversations in heaven because, "it's not goodbye - it's see ya later".
See ya later you!

Janet Shagam, Virginia

I am another P'UK fan from across the pond...

As an Internet commenter, Peter was utterly intolerant of willful idiots. Many of the rest of us just ignored the trolls, but P'UK would take them on, hilarious and often profane, but always razor-sharp on target. His impatient skewering of the idiots may have often been astonishingly uncharitable, but it was never uncalled for! 

Now we find out that the reason that his incisive commentary would arrive at all hours of the day and night is that chronic pain kept him from sleeping. He never whined -- he could have, and we would have all been sympathetic. Instead he just did what he did, and brilliantly.

Cath F

Count me among those who knew Peter as a thoughtful, engaging and engaged person of the 'net. I knew him for years, though we never exchanged a mail. The class quotient for our world has suffered a loss this day. Fair winds, sir.

Andy Jones, Orem, Utah

Man, this death thing really sucks. Peter, I hope you find a willing audience, a good sound system, and an honest agent.

Charlie Martin

Like the other JOMers, I thoroughly enjoyed PUK's posts and discussion. From his comments, I thought he was a much younger man, (not an old guy like me) and I had no idea that he was a world renowned, highly skilled and sensitive classical, jazz and pop musician who influenced many of the great guitarists of the latter 20th century.

His knowledge of government, world and military history was encyclopedic; his humor and prowess at repartee' unmatched, and his concern and caring for others whom he met in the blogosphere uniquely appealing.

We will all miss him so. RIP Peter, God bless you, and hoist one for us.

Jim Rhoads

I knew PeterUK from DtP's blog. His most entertaining comments were often the most insightful. He was clever, and kind and charming. He will be missed.


Peter was a regular poster at an American political site, Just One Minute Typepad, where he charmed us all with his wit and intelligence. I figured out he was a musician and we had many hours of private correspondence as well about his life and full of Peter's humor. All his online friends in the states will miss him terribly. He brightened many a day with his wit and trenchant observations.

It is so sad to learn of the passing of this lovely man.

Clarice Feldman

He will be missed. He posted comments on a blog a number of us regularly visited and his wit, humor and intelligence will always be remembered.

Jack is Back

I never met Pete Bocking in person, but I chatted with him nearly every week for the past 2-3 years on a political blog - Just One Minute.  He was known to all of us regular commenters as PeterUK, which we fondly shortened to PUK. He was wickedly witty, extremely knowledgeable about US politics, and a warm and often protective friend. I shed many tears this morning learning of his recent passing.

I was so thrilled to be informed of this website - Manchesterbeat - because it helped me know PUK a little more fully. You simply have no idea how greatly and grievously he will be missed on this side of the world.

Jan in California

I am writing from a small town in the outback of North Carolina, where Peter's view from across the pond, his wicked sense of humor and his zero tolerance for fools (whom he regularly skewered) were part of my daily fare for years. Like most of his online friends, I knew him simply -- or not so simply, really! -- as PeterUK, whom we all addressed by the rather unfortunate acronym of PUK, which he didn't seem to mind. I am seeing his last name and his face for the first time, today.

Peter's encyclopedic grasp of music, though not his personal history, informed our conversations from time to time, but what drew us together was a passion for politics, an appetite for fierce debate, comic relief, and what was once characterized as a forensic interest in the news. 

His presence and his voice were as unique in our own geographic constellation as I now learn they were in his life as a musician. The bonds of the affection which developed among us seem as real to me as if we had been meeting in a local pub every night for so long that I've lost track of the time. His death is devastating. 

R.I.P. PUK. You are loved.


Pete, or PUK as we knew him had a whole lot of fans for other reasons than his music. He was a JOMer and one of the best. We spoke to him every day, and listened even more. He was wise and wonderful, and we miss him very much.

Jane Woodworth

As PeterUK, Peter regularly commented on Tom Maguire's blog, With PeterUK's passing, my life has lost a light. The grief I feel, I admit, is selfish, because the pleasure in his acquaintance was all mine.

His wit was more than entertainment for me; it was a shield he used to defend us against assault by the witless and a weapon to slay the worst of ideas.

He wore is genius so lightly many of us never knew his accomplishments. He had come to achieve the wisdom of experience, and kindly shared it with us lest we forget the vigilance needed to protect liberty from ourselves and others.

A sad day, and yet so fortunate are we to have had Peter Bocking for a time.

Stephen Waters

Peter Bocking had many adoring fans in the U.S. He was a true patriot, gentleman, and friend. He shared his wisdom and wicked humor with us and made us all better for it. It was a privilege to know him.

Kim A Murrell

Peter's death leaves a hole in my life. His wit, humor, and brilliant commentary brightened my day. I had to teach myself not to post "LOL" after his comments because so many of his comments made me LOL. His contributions to mankind are immense and he will live in my heart forever. The music in Heaven is sweeter now. 

Goodbye, until we meet again, Dear Friend. Love,


Peter was amazingly sharp, always quick with a barb or bon mot. He could find humour in almost anything. He is dearly missed by many.

Elliott Wainwright

I too knew Peter for the past several years from a blog on which he commented regularly. I knew he was a guitarist of some note, but it wasn't until your post that I knew of his real identity and history. Peter was a complete gentleman, whose intelligence, wit, good humor and wisdom is and will continue to be sorely missed.

Mark Passaro

Goodbye, sweet friend. You made the world a better place and will be missed.


What a great, great loss. I knew Peter as a wise and witty commenter on blogs long before I knew he was a musician of such immense talent. He brought great cheer in unequaled measure to a great number of people. His verbal dexterity equaled his manual dexterity on the guitar. His ability to communicate in words was as great as his ability to connect with music.

I so wish I could have met him in person; heard him play. I have often imagined doing so with great fondness. I know it would have been even better. However much you can love someone you have only met through the internet and email, that is how much he was loved; how much I loved him.

Jeff Dobbs

Peter had been posting quips on the internet for many years. Through them I'd been enjoying his humor, experience and keen wit almost every day for the last five years. RIP, Peter.

Jim Ryan

PeterUK (as I knew him from years of bumping into each other here and there in the political blogosphere) and I would email each other the odd joke or observation from time to time. About two years ago my daughter and new hub honeymooned the grand Tour starting in London. they had several qustions regarding how to ''do'' London, and i put them in touch with "PeterUK" as an info source. so there he was, big time musician (of which i had no inkling as he never pumped himself up) getting contacted by a 20-something couple he did not even know except thru my email intro, and he was completely helpful and gracious with their enquiries, offering tips and histories and significances which wonderfully improved the kids' enjoyment of the city.

Peter was a true gentleman --but a hilariously fierce truth-bearer against the fools and knaves and enemies of the realm against whom he fought --the fight he probably saw (i think correctly) as having a vital front in the worldwide net. RIP, good man PeterUK. I already miss you.

Buddy Larsen, Dripping Springs, Texas

I like others knew Peter only through the internet as a voice very much from the UK, and very Mancunian. He never said, butI often suspected he was from the North.

A black, profane Manchester sense of humor at times that would have me laughing out loud, but very well read and always with something intelligent to contribute. I shall miss him.


I was trying to find out if this is the PeterUK that comments at the Belmont Club regularly. If so he'll be greatly missed. If so, he was more prolific than I imagined.

Annoy Mouse

Oh, what a pleasure it was to read PeterUK's comments online. Such wit. Such intelligence. It was wonderful to know him, if only thru the internet.

Joan Minor

Was very sad to learn of PeterUK's passing. Pete, you will be sorely missed and were dearly loved,friend. RIP.


I always enjoyed PeterUK's comments on Just One Minute. I had no idea that he was a famous musician. It just goes to show that the power of ideas is always greater than the power of spin. PeterUK always made me feel that the glory of the Anglosphere was real and that Americans and Britons shared essential values. I am so sorry to learn of his passing.


I'm very heartened by the sheer number of people that are commenting here, including many non-JOMers, some of whom I recognize from elsewhere in cyberspace. I read a lot of things online and I don't know of anybody that wrote with the level of wit and insight on such a range of topics as PUK. 

I could tell from when the discussion would veer toward music that he was an accomplished musician who wished to remain anonymous, so I'm not at all surprised by his identity and stature. I'm just grateful that I had the opportunity to interact with such a gifted and kind person.

Captain Hate

I came to know people, as with many of the above commenters here, on the Just one Minute blog. I was shocked when I found out about his passing this weekend. His wit, his knowledge of all thing, from food to history and economics was prodigious. It was only one one particular thread that concerned music that we really would come to suspect where his true talent lay. I never met him, and until his recent passing, I had never seen a photograph of him. But in the last year or so, it was as if I had known him for a lifetime. He will be sorely missed.

Narciso Ortiz

Oh,PUK,I will deeply miss your scandalous wit and the wisdom you shared with those of us on the other side of the pond. RIP,My Favorite. 

Carole Wade

Thank you so much, Manchesterbeat, for providing this page for these remembrances. It means a lot to be able to finally put a face to the nickname and match the person to the many wonderful comments we've read over the years. Thank you also for the opportunity to read and understand how much Peter meant to his friends. I guessed over the years that he was a musician, but I had no idea until now of his Manchester pedigree. He wasn't one to brag.

We valued Peter so much at JustOneMinute. Nobody could slice through the BS like he could. Nobody had that combination of generosity, wit, understanding and fearlessness that made his daily contributions so welcome. He soldiered on, a happy warrior, and we loved him. Bless you, Peter. We miss you dearly.

Missy Nelson, Austin, Texas

Only met PUK on the net. He was a great wit and will be sorely missed.



I first "met" Peter as PeterUK on Just One Minute blog. It was just a couple of weeks after my Mother's death. Peter wrote me a private email with such beautiful sentiments, I still go back and read it from time to time when the sadness overwhelms me. Then a couple of years later, I mentioned in passing that humor was turning out to be my best medicine against near suicidal pain from a broken back.

Peter took it upon himself to start sending me little quips, funny stories, even cryptic and very witty remarks about current headlines. I can't count the number of LOLs and "you owe me a new keyboard" I wrote in response. To say I loved someone dearly who I never met in person might sound strange, but I dearly loved this man.

I had no idea of his other life as a musician other than to have some inkling that he could talk guitars, and had great stores of knowledge about those in the British music scene.

I find I'm still fighting the tears today at this news of his passing, although I know in my heart that isn't what he'd want. If those on the other side can hear my prayers, then I know my musician Mother was waiting for him to say thank you for helping her daughter in a time of great need and invite him to join the celestial band with all the other greats.


Very sad to read at Just One Minute that we've lost PeterUK. Would like to invite his friends to visit us there to recount stories about his life.

Molon Labe

Peter was a sweet, funny man who could have made a great living as a stand up comic or comedic writer is he had ever tired of music. His comments on Gordon Brown's veneered teeth will never leave me and are bringing a chuckle along with the tears. He will be deeply and truly missed. As a Memphis girl who now resides in Nashville, I so regret that I never had the chance to either see him play or drink a pint with him in person.

My thoughts and deepest sympathy are with his loved ones.

Jennifer Verner

Peter's company via the internet was a continuing delight. Thank you for the photographs of earlier times when his music brought applause and acclaim. His wit and intelligence online brought admiration, laughter and love. We miss him with you.

"Frau" Dawn Ridder

Will miss you mate - RIP

Paul Riley

I enjoyed many a repartee with Peter UK as he is known on our blog over the years. He was tremendously well versed in current affairs and politics and had a wonderfully mordant sense of humor that he used to great effect.

When I logged on I would always search for his posts for an instant summary of the current topic.

I knew nothing of his musical and other talents, but seeing the descriptions and reading of his life and friends it all fits in. He will be missed. 


A superb man and musician. Goodnight Mr Bocking.

Harry Proctor - Oasis and roadie

I remember one time Pete was staying and I came down in the morning to find him practising, not unusual you might think but he was reading a science fiction novel whilst doing so!!

He was also experimenting with wearing a wig due to premature hair loss. I took him out with me in the car and wondered why I was getting some very strange looks, it was then I realised that he was tipping it like a hat to all the ladies we passed. He should not have worried he was very much loved just as he was!

The world is a sadder place without his talent, wit and intelligence and I should have listened to him he was a very wise man. 



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Memorial Concert

Ian Starr, Butch Mepham, Pete Maclaine and Tony

Tony, Maureen and Victor

Random Harvest

Roy Costigan All Stars

Victor Brox and his band





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