Tony Garrett aka Jack Anthony 

I started out in as a teenager in Failsworth 1963 with my first group "Tony and The Senators".

Left to join "The Dawnbreakers", then later joined "The Martinis". Began a solo career as Tony Garratt.

My first break was when I was 21 (and green) filling in for the late great Bill Haley when he was taken ill and couldn't appear at The Poco Poco (still have the newspaper cutting from the national press!).

In 1970s changed my name to Jack Anthony (my real forenames!). Was also in "The New Kings Showband" (lead singer and rhythm guitarist) and appeared on Opportunity Knocks (1973).

I played all the night clubs of the day, including Domino, Princess, Poco Poco, Talk of the North, Embassy Club, Broadway, Northern Sporting Club, Blightys, The Golden Garte, etc. (and a few we won't mention).

I probably played on the same bill as some of you who are reading this.

Had to give it all up in 1985 because of illness, very occasionally sing in public, and often miss the buzz of the good old days.

April 2007

Good news!

Jack is recovered and on the road again. We wish him well!

He writes:

I've now got an act together and play keyboard, guitar, and vocals. After a complete change of life style, (diet, excercise from new physio, etc) I am back on the road again.

So am back using my professional name Jack Anthony ,and as I live in the Blackpool area hope to work a few hotels, etc, doing a bit of newish stuff but quite a lot of the old 60s and 70s favourites.

Big thank you to the Manchester Beat - and Pete Oliver.

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