The Mogambo



The Mogambo was in what is now China Town and consisted of a coffee bar fronting the main street with a chinese restaurant/cafe to the rear.

In 1966 - 67 it was the meeting place for the arty sixth formers who had passed the previous night at the Wheel and wanted to relax with a coffee and splif. A great favourite at the time was Geno Washington's 'Michael' which seemed to be played none stop.

John Kew

I used to spend a lot of time down there. Most of the Wheel crowd met there - myself and best friend (ALAN MOORE).

I was in town one saturday morning when I met Allie - he worked behind the bar at the Mogambo - I think he dished out thousands of cup's of coffee. I used to go out with the waitress from Wythenshawe called Jess Adams - sadly passed away now.

I still have 400 northern soul records and play them load's - jumping round the flat still doing the splits, not bad at 57.

If anyone has heard from Alan Moore, please let me know - haven't seen him since Ii was best man at his wedding. He got married and moved to Australia to start a new life. Would love to hear from him.

To all you Blue Note people - stay soulful.

Ray Turner

Hi, does anyone out there remember K.C.Singh?

Fiona Hall

Mogambo's was a magical place! Arabic music on the jukebox, Ali behind the bar & Coco, the Armenian letting you in and showing you downstairs.

Fiona, YES! I Remember K.C Singh! What a character!!

I used to go with friends from college. Mainly 63-67. Lot's and lots of great memories. Seeing this page has brought all the good memories flooding back!

Manchester, at that time, was a special place. I attended Southall Street Nursery Training College between 63-65 and hung out at the Mogambo bar A LOT!!

Veronica Jessop - 26/9/11

Wow the Mogambo...loved it there...meeting place for the best parties .. friendly trendy arty people back in the day 67. My friend and would land after the New Century Hall ... the aroma of fine coffee and pheremones...beautiful people mad trippy parties./

Anyone remember the Alderly Edge night rides prancing around trees till dawn. One remaining memory of a party - the chimney breast had real gold coins embedded in the stone...yeah cant remember names unfortunately.

My days at the mad parties ended for my friend and when we were dropped of home sunday morning in Moss Side ...the driver whose mansion we had been to many times was flabbergasted at our humble dwellings and became hostile inflammatoty.." to think said he you have been in the company of fine wealthy people...did you case my joint? Ha! Ha! He was a one off..and lacking of working class wealth...thankfully he stood alone and nobody else shared his outrageous dont make the man!!

Phyllis Keegan - 12/6/12

A party guaranteed every Saturday - Didsbury, Bramhall and Alderley Edge figured often as did Prestwich and Broughton Park in North Manchester. Great memories of Marietta, Rita Rose and Mal Reynolds - lovely girls!

John Kew - 7/7/12

I think The Mogambo was a coffee bar on Cross St, just off Market St. in the early '60s. Don't remember anything special about it, we spent more time at the Cona. I remember Amigo's, too but I can't place it. John Dalton St, Brazennose St maybe? 

Chris Jones - 17/12/12

My friend Beryl and I were waitresses at the Mogambo in the 60's. I can remember George Best and a couple of his friends coming in for a coffee that we served them! It is my recollection that the cafe was on Moseley Street below street level.

We also used to go to Mr Smiths on a Saturday night where George visited too. I hope this jogs a few memories.

Margaret Littler - 13/1/14


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