The Sinking Ship (Underbank, Stockport)

The Sinking Ship Club was based in an entry in Underbank Stockport. I remember going there in about 1967. People used to go between here and the Tab. Micheal J carr owned the club and took the money on the door which had a round porthole window. He only had one leg due to a road accident.

Once there was a fire thee any he jumped from a three stoiry building with his pet dog. He eventually died years later in another road acciedent.

Jimmi Hendrix played there. Some tunes I remember were as follows:- New Girl in school-Jan and Dean, Al Capone-Prince Buster, Mellow yellow-Donovan, See saw-Don Covay

It was popular with the mods and scooter boys/girls. Part of the great times in Stockport. 

Bernard Roberts - 17/3/09

Set in Sandstone caves. Managed by one of The Four Just Men I beleive. Serious fire damage closed it, and almost caused the death of, I think his name was Demitrius. Images available, me playing with a band called Studio One.

Alan Thom - 27/8/10

Mike Carr was one of the nicest guys I had ever met ... he made a huge success of his coffee bar at a time when "mods" were looking for a place to go. 

Good music ... good company. Unfortunately he met an early death in a tragic motor accident - everyone was totally shocked! Wimple Winch - BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike was very much missed at the time.

Joanna - 16/11/10

Inside shot of The Sinking Ship (right) - 1966 I think, early 67. 

Myself, lead Alan Thom, brother Brian Thom drummer, Ken Ham bass and Rod Simons sax. We had previously toured as The Rod Simon Showband from that era, before going soul, jazz-rock almost prog.

Before we (I) knocked things on the head (life & marriage) the lineup extended to another baritone sax, trumpet and Hammond organ touring Manchester and beyond.

Alan Thom - 3/1/11

The cost to see Jimi Hendrix play was five shillings ... whilst Cat Stevens was seven and six. Most went to "Turners" for a drink.

Kitch - 15/10/11

Worked with Mike at Simon engineering, he used to drive me to see the ship being developed at dinner times in his open topped MG. Memories!!!

Dave Garnett - 29/5/12

Remember going to see Long John Baldry playing there with Julie Driscoll They called themselves The Steam Packet I think. It got so warm dancing in that sandstone cave that water condensed on the roof and you would get rained on. The girls danced around their handbags. It was a fabulous time for the Mods on our scooters I bought my first blue pinstrip suit from Burtons. I think I paid £8.00 for it about 1966/67.

Shaun Hallworth - 25/8/12

Michael Joseph Carr was my fiance, he died in March 1968 and we were due to be married in June the same year. The guy who had only one leg was not Michael, but his partner, Dave Robinson - he lost his leg in a car accident.

Brenda-Marie Costello - 1/12/13

Michael Carr, owner of the Sinking Ship was my fiance. He did not take money on the door, works for Symonds or have only one leg - that was his partner, Dave Robinson. 

Brenda-Marie Whittam Costello - 30/12/13
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