The Manchester area has nurtured thousands of musical acts, ranging in styles as diverse as Freddie and The Dreamers and Oasis.

Although many have been adopted on a national scale, others have managed to stir only local interest before their eventual demise.

Despite their lack of national commercial success, they were part of the tremendous Manchester area music scene that played such a major part in our lives.



Proudly based in the sixties, these pages salute the groups, agents, disc jockeys, shops and clubs in the Manchester area that gave us all such a great time!

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Oldham Memories

This great YouTube clip looks at the death of old Oldham streets.

Interesting is a couple of short clips of Tony D and The Shakeouts. Look at 12.25, 16.45, 30.45, 33.29 but watch the whole movie - reminder of the good old days.

Reminds me of an old joke (brass band playing in background, as per Hovis ad)

Evry mornin at 4 o'clock me dad and mum would get out of bed, go down t'stairs, and get t'ovens on t'make t'Hovis.

Then at 4.15, me brothers Luke, Mathew, John, Richard and Bob would get out of bed, go down t'stairs, and get t'bags of flour t'make t'Hovis.

Then at 4.30 me sisters Mary, Alice, Lucy, Sally, Sarah and Felicity would get out of bed, go down t'stairs, and get mixin watter wi t'bags of flour t'make t'Hovis.

Then at 4.45, me cousins Albert, Sidney, Walter, Eric and Juliet would get out of bed, go down t'stairs, and put dough in tins and put in t'ven to t'make t'Hovis.

Then at 5 o'clock, I had bed to meeself!

Latest bits from the Manchesterbeat office

More sad news.  Tony Manton passed away and will be cremated at Carleton Crematorium, Stocks road, Carleton near Blackpool. Fri 20th March 11am. Funeral directors are CT Hull Poulton le Fylde. (please note the change of time).  RIP.

Karen, his daughter, would welcome old friends of Tonys to attend.


The Pressmen will reunite again and this time, their 53rd anniversary of the bands original formation. In aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust the event takes place at the Miners Welfare Kirby Road, Leigh WN7 4EF on March 28th 2015.

The band are recommending buying tickets in advance as there is a limit of 300 tickets and last year was sold out with many people unable to gain entry.

Support comes from ex Twisted Wheel and Beachcomber D.J. Bob (Bobby Dee) Derbyshire.

This time sadly there will be one band member missing as one of the bands vocalists, Tommy Perry, sadly passed away last December with Cancer and the evening will be dedicated to him.


The Rumble Fat Band are privileged to have been asked to play a massive Soul/Northern Soul/Motown event at The Printworks in Manchester  - August Bank Holiday. This is looking like a huge event.

Just added Radcliffe group, Johnie and the Conteurs/Dougie and The Conteurs - thanks to Norman Shields.

Just too good not to include. 
Those of us who played in groups would remember the occasional quiet nights.  My worst? FINALLY ... top of the bill at New Century Hall but the quiet Saturday between Christmas and New Year - plus thick fog - meant the place was half empty.  Mind you, hard not to be top of the bill when the only group on.

I digress.  Have a look at the group. Merseyside based, bass player appears left handed.  Not great quality but certainly identifiable.  Goes to show we can all have quiet nights!

The vinyl revolution returns to

Junction 9 of the M60 – next to the Trafford Centre.

With vinyl records on a comeback, music fans, in the North West, are in for a treat at the beginning of February when the UK’s biggest Record Fair organiser returns to the area.

Take a massive sports hall, fill it full of buyers and sellers of records, cds and memorabilia and you have the VIP RECORD FAIR.

Visitors will be able to browse through the biggest selection of rare and deleted vinyl, laid out on over fifty tables. In addition, CDs, books, and memorabilia will be on sale!

At the VIP RECORD FAIR, all genres are on sale from prog to Presley, punk to Pink Floyd and soul to the Sex Pistols - the whole spectrum of rock, pop and dance music.

To look at as much retail music you would have to travel thousands of miles around the world. On this unique occasion music fans only have to travel to this one, easy-to-find venue. Furthermore, the show boasts Internet prices without postal hassles and gives buyers a rare chance to meet expert sellers face to face.

Based in Davyhulme, the George Carnall Leisure Centre is a perfect location for the VIP Record Fair visitor.  Situated next to the motorway system (junction 9 of the M60), it’s easy to get through from the North West and beyond. The fair takes place in a large, bright hall with easy access for buyer and seller alike. FREE PARKING for all visitors and an all day Record Fair café!

VIP Events began Record Fairs in the early 1980s and were solely responsible for promoting regular events such as the mind blowing Electric Ballroom in Camden and the TUC Hall off Tottenham Court Road, in London.

The 1990s saw VIP develop major shows at the NEC, SECC and WEMBLEY – the latter seen by many music fans/collectors as the best fair of it’s type.

Back to the late 1980s, VIP was the first organiser to remove ‘Record Fairs’ from it’s title (!) and add ‘Music Fairs’. A bold move but one which reflected the divergence of music formats arriving for sale. This year the MD, Rob Lythall, reverted back to VIP Record Fairs!! Again, a bold move but one which truly reflects the resurgence of vinyl records now on sale at the VIP Fairs around the UK. 


Admission – £3.00 Doors open 10am.

It is with great sadness we have learnt of the passing of Pete Oliver. A man who has had such a great impact on so many people - he will be sorely missed. 

This is evidenced by over 40 emails in just a few hours advising of the sad news.

Just added a new section under FEATURES - the package tour.  Many of us would have been drawn to the local Odeon to experience 6 or more acts, thrown on stage in a 90 minute show, twice nightly. Sadly I missed out on the fabulous tour show with Otis, saw Stevie Wonder at the Palace and even two tours with Gene Pitney.  A bit later I caught Sparks, Hot Chocolate and Pilot on a bleak theatre stage in Liverpool and George McRae with Linda Carr and the Love Squad (there's a story there) in Chester.

I do have some stuff, scattered around the site, which I will add to the pages but would love you to add your memories. Just go there to add your memories.

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