Brian Mills

Brian Mills, based in Walkden, had hundreds of acts, not just groups. He booked the Willows acts many times and many of the football clubs I did for him through the 70s as well, such as Bolton Wanderers, Preston NE, Everton 2000 club and the 4 cabaret clubs - Embasy, Carlton and the other two whose names I've forgotten.

Alan Roberts

I remember Brian Mills from back in the mid to late 60s. He was a nice man. At the time I was the guitarist in THE WOODLANDERS (2 guys & a girl singer) & we worked through BARNY SMITH ENTERPRISES who booked mainly cabaret lounges & casino's with some social clubs. My memory of that time was that BRIAN MILLS & BARNY SMITH formed an affiliation, working closely together. I recall BARNY SMITH bringing Irish show bands over to tour along with many continental acts.

Ken Porter 4/9/09

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