Barber shops - okay - "hairdressers"

village barber

At this time, it was obligatory to have your hair cut at Lew Starr's on Charles Street (subsequently moved to Whitworth street).

In exchange for 10 bob you'd often find yourself sitting among an assortment of Hermits and Mindbenders waiting for the attention of Lew or (preferably) either of his sons, Ian and Martin.

Ian was the drummer with Victor Brox and had access to imported records. You were much more likely to be asked "Have you heard this?" than "How would you like it cut?".

Every time I hear "Papa's got a brand new bag", I'm instantly back in the barbers chair and can almost feel the shampoo stinging my eyes.

On reflection,there would probably have been very little point in suggesting what your finished haircut should look like as we all seemed to emerge looking remarkably similar.


Martin was tragically killed in a car accident. He couldn't have been much more than twenty.

Keith Macaulay Fraser

As Manchester Mods in the '60s alot of us used to get our Mod haircuts at "Lew Starr's" place on Whitworth street ... then to Charles Street (now the BBC building I think).

Saturday mornings would find a row of scooters outside Lew's place and inside us Mods would sit and wait for a hair cut whilst listening to "Saturday Club" with Brian Mathew on the radio.His sons were often in there cutting hair, and The Richard Kent Style photographs were all over the place,often a Marshall amp lying about too. So we saw T.R.K.S as often as we could and loved the brass sound they had. 

Derek Alltree - 6/1/10

I too regularly called at Lew Starrs, (when I actually had hair)! It was the place to be seen alright.

You could wait up to an hour for a trim, but it didn't matter because you were entrtained by all the comings and goings.

Checking out the fashions, listening to the radio, or seeing some of the dodgy gear that was brought in by all and sundry.

It was like a '60s version of live ebay, Ben Sherman shirts, Levi Jean and Jackets, all sorts of stuff was brought in and Lew always got first look at everything.

Brilliant Saturday mornings entertainment!!!

Chris Morley - 22/1/10


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