The way we wore - Stage Clothes

In his golden suit and cowboy boots, it should come as no surprise that Cliff Bowes was a bit of a Gene Vincent fan. This 1961/1962 outfit may get a few smiles now but I betcha that you would have been keen to trade your clothes for a suit like that and front such a popular band.

Me? I was wearing short trousers to school at the time. And a cap.


There's no denying the class of The Cymerons' outfits above.  With silk lined capes, they must have wowed the chicks at the time. Doesn't do much for me but - being 5 foot 6 - I miss cuban heels!


Can't miss out Rev Black and The Rocking Vicars. One of the best live acts ever and ... one of the most original when it came to stage clothes. The outfits changed - but how can you be more original than a Lapland outfit (with dog collar).


Talking about original, you can't get more original than the 1968 Rumble Fat Band stage outfit. Original Marks and Spencer, that is. Good outfit - if you got home late from a gig, you could always go straight to work in the bank without changing! Try that Rev Black!

Mind you, the band used to be called Uptown Line and dressed as shown on the right. Singer Pete Izon (centre) cuts a very dapper figure in silk shirt and cigarette. Cool.

Despite the clothes, the band were constantly chased by groupies and were forced by their mothers to wear huge thick chastity belts to keep them safe in the dressing rooms. Feel the glasses do the same job, Pete!



The Wimple Winch used to be called The Four Just Men or the Just Four Men. When you see how they dressed, it's no wonder they changed their name on a regular basis. Was this fashionable even in '64???? 

No wonder there was a "Rumble in Mersey Square" - the band must have been trying to get into the Toggery to get something decent to wear. Is it why they wanted someone to "Save my Soul"


OK, not quite the sixties, but a great shot of The Plantations. Great band, although as can be seen from the picture, not one of them could stand up straight. Grandad would probably recommend a spell in the army would cure that but I reckon its all down to the excess weight in their trousers.

Hmmmm - did we really think standing like this was cool? Bet we did. Photographer: "Now sweetie, if you could just crouch down, lean backward, stick one arm in the air. Lets see the full width of your flares. Super"


Okay, can't laugh at others without exposing yourself to ridicule. That's me at the front - demonstrating my sixpack to the crowd at Sloopys. Andy, t'organist, is also in swimming trunks.  Thank god for that - imagine if they were his best trousers!  Remember one gig, where I was stood in the wings, ready to come on dressed like that and in walks Keith Emerson.  He just looked at me and shook his head.  No doubt he was wondering how to follow such a great muso!  I wonder if he remembered me?


 Thats me again at the back in the middle, with my four twin brothers.  The one in the red is Les, the singist, who we dressed differently to make him an easier target if the crowd threw anything. Knitted cardigans were quite trendy in the late sixties. Or so we thought.  Hmmm, red suits you Les - why do you wear sky blue all the time?


Cheating again - not really the sixties but Palm Springs certainly livened up the Working Men's Clubs when the curtains opened. I imagine the grannies thought they were all sweet nice young men, even if they did look a bit like a nancy boy. Wouldn't want yer daughter bringing one of these home (or your son).


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