Bunny Lewis

Agents that worked different parts of the country but one that’s not mentioned is  Bunny Lewis who was a female impersonator.  He  ran his office from his house which was in Whalley Range at the beginning of Princess Parkway.

Running the office was a Johnny Martin who may be the one who was in The Cresters but at the time was solo with a comedy act involving a suitcase full of hats and impersonating people.  Tthe most memorable being Old Mother Riley.

Bunny Lewis’s colleague lived with him and I do know he made all his dresses and he was a well known Manchester comedian called Jackie Carlton.

One thing that sticks in my mind was the fact that Bunny had two little pet monkeys running riot in the place.  Bunny roped me in to march to the town hall with hundreds of other acts to complain about a new gambling law that would have affected the entertainment business. There was an agent called Mr Bean (I kid you not) - I think his name was Tony.

I  do remember two of his children had an act  - I think called The Millionaires.

Al Richie - 26/2/11
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