Dial Theatrical Enterprises

In the 60s, I ran The Dial Theatrical Enterprises, managing such groups as The Resounds, The Emeralds, Karl's Marals and The Teddybears.

I also booked groups into many of the Manchesters clubs as well as many of the Salford Pubs such as Craven Heifer, London North Western, The Fusiliers, The Red Rose and Pendleton Co-op Social Club.

Cross Lane in the early 60s was a very lively place...whatever happened to it?

I also booked groups into the Threllfalls/Chester Pubs in the North west area.

All in all a very exciting couple of years from rescuing a group from a riot in the Radnor Pub to playing support to the Hollies & Herman's Hermits at the many Dance Halls in the North West.

William Arnold Ashbrook

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