Don Read was a very perceptive, unassuming man who you would never guess had his finger on the pulse of the hip music scene. He managed my group - Outrage - along with The Warriors (featuring Jon Anderson, eventual member of Yes), The John Evans Smash (featuring Ian Anderson, the future lead singer and flautist in Jethro Tull), The Dawnbreakers and Leicestershire band, The Family. I think he had some connection with Wynder K Frog.

He was also responsible for bringing many great groups to the 3 Beachcomber clubs, including the Small Faces, the Who, the Action and Preston's own, very underated David John and the Mood, who had the distinction of not only producing superb Bo Diddley style material of great intensity on stage but also fetured on the Vocalion label, which most record buffs will know is a premier jazz/blues label and equal in stature to Blue Note, Sue and Ace. A major achievement in itself.

Don helped most of his groups to greater things and in our case, managed to get Kim Fowley to produce our stuff. I believe he ceased trading in 1967 and last time I heard of him he lived in Irlam of the Heights with a well known lady ex jazz singer.

Geoff Parkinson

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