George Gray - Unit Management

Eccles based George Gray (real name George Sidlow) had been an alto sax player in the RAF. On leaving the RAF, he worked as a blacksmith at Mitchell and Shackleton, Monton near Eccles, where he met Peter Hughes - the drummer with the Chuckles - who also worked there as an apprentice.

At night, George would play in a trio at the College Club in Manchester backing visiting artistes.

Managed Chuckles, working under the name Unit Management.

Later worked with Paul Julian and Carlton Edge under title Baron Artistes


I knew George Sidlow (Gray) when he worked at Mitchell Shackleton (sadly now demolished), and I remember him practising his sax in the forge at MS.

He used to play Friday evenings at the Station Hotel Pendlebury, before going on the College Theatre Club. His act always ended with, 'Pennies from Heaven' when the audience then threw pennies on the stage - for charity - or so they said!

There was an even greater sax player at Mitchell Shackleton called Granville Williams, whose world fame did not come until after his retirement. Will find some info on him.

Albert Beckett

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