Jeff Bates Promotions

I recently spoke to a nice gent & a good friend who was a major player in the early days.  His name is Tony Yorke.  He had an agency in Urmston with Jonnie Martin  called JT Promotions.

Tony seemed to have it well sorted & plenty of work was around them. He still continues to work from his Altrincham office doing a lot of live events.  He also opened a club in Swinton, the old Wishing Well  - had some great artists on there & compered it himself.  He also had a club in Bolton.  He also compered the Talk of the North for myself - good luck Tony.

Roy Mozley - 9/4/12 

When with the McCord Bros (aka Jason&Gee), I auditioned for JT Promotions at the Gransmoor Hotel. After the audition Johnny Martin asked us if we wanted to earn £8 by winning a talent contest at Dino's later that night. I asked him how he knew we were going to win. He replied "because me and Tony are the judges".

Great times.

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