Northern Management

96 Bramhall Lane Sth, Bramhall, Cheshire.  Also located on Cross Street, Manchester

My first agent was Fred Screeton, who got myself and Melvyn Whitehead to turn professional going out as STRANGE BREW.

Our first week was a baptism of pure FIRE doing a week for his pal another agent in Cardiff called Don Tyrer. It will be great Fred said you will love it Fred said I have arranged for you to stay at Don's house Fred said. This was in the late 60s working all over south wales doing two or three or even four shows a night and a lot of them in Tiger Bay as it was then. His house was like something out of a Hitchcock horror film freezing cold boarded up windows food cooked by his wife with a preeminent fag on.  Four to a bedroom.

Artists sharing his house that week were Chuck Ford Country and western singer Al T Cosy Comedian and actor also George Roper Comedian, and others. We played the most dangerous venues in Tiger Bay, one very late night while we were performing a fight broke out on the floor right in front of us with four knife toting women, we stopped playing and the manager quickly told us to keep going or they will turn on you . Well, they must have thought we were o k as I am still hear today. Great times wouldnt have missed it at any price, having said that we never went back.

Ian Kinsey

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