Roy Mozley

I had the great pleasure of booking some great artists into Manchester City Social Club via the ex-great Man City player and manager of the social club, Roy Clarke, who passed away not so long ago.

Some of the names I booked there were Bob Monkhouse (quite a lot), Ken Dodd, The Drifters with Johnny Moore and Bill Fredericks, Steve Coogan, Bernard Manning, Roy Walker, The Black Abbotts, Roy Chubby Brown, Malcolm Roberts, Les Dawson, Frank Ifield, Little 'n Large.

Some of the supporting acts who worked there are now major acts themselves - Jimmy Cricket, Stu Frances, Duncan Novelle, Steve Coogan, Jane McDonald.

There must be thousands of name acts that have worked this great venue. The agent that booked the artists before me who is very very succsesful and a very nice guy is Stuart Littlewood who must have booked bigger names than I had booked.

The Man City Social Club sad to say is no longer there because of the football club move to its new stadium.

The Majestic was, as I remember, an old picture house in Liverpool Rd, Patricroft, Eccles and the gentlemen who used to own it were the famous Joe Pullen and Fred Talbot, who turned it into the Majestic Ballroom and had some very famous people there.

I remember this gave me the incentive to get involvoled with the music business. Famous names included Herman's Hermits, Eden Kane, Emile Ford and the Checkmates, Jimmy Crawford, Jonnie Peters and the Crestas and many many more. The venue then changed to one of the greatest cabaret venus in Britain and the new name - The Talk of the North 

There where many venues/bookings that groups played such as Fagins, Talk of the North, Poco Poco (Stockport), Mr Smiths, Golden Garter, Garrick Club (Leigh), Cromford club, Twisted Wheel, Eccles Youth Club, Shawe Hall (Flixton), Flixton Institute, Cumberland Club (Salford) to name but a few that I worked with our group.

I will add some more in the near future.

Roy Mozley

I am Fred Talbot's daughter in law and I remember some of the great acts on at the Talk of the North including Shirley Bassey, Vera Lynn, Dave Allen etc., it was a great atmosphere and provided many jobs for the local people. Incidentally Fred it 90 this year.

Ann Talbot 10/3/09

I remember Roy Mozley very well and all the clubs that he mentions in his article. I used to be known as Carol Cuffey and was the only female singer in the Manchester based 'tamla motown' group called Great Expectations.  We were managed by Kennedy Street Enterprises and we went through a number of changes in the band during its time. 

Hamilton Brown (my brother) is now pursuing a solo career and many other members of the group are now pursuing other careers including Eddie Ankara (formerly of the Real Thing) and Steve Davies (I believe he is now an extra on Coronation Street) I remember with affection the group scene in Manchester and the world travelling we all did in those days.

Carol Roxburgh (nee Cuffey) 15/5/09

Just been reading data supplied by the daughter in law of the great Fred Talbot, a really nice guy who in my oppinion was another of the great pioneers of club land - as was Joe Pullen who sadly died recently. These two gents taught me a hell of a lot without them knowing it. They had the best club club in the north and beyond.

I have a photo on my office wall with Joe Pullen/Tom Jones/Matt Munro/Barbara Law and I am sure somewhere around would be Fred Talbot.

Fred, I would love to meet you once again to reminisce - good luck to you Fred.

Roy Mozley 31/12/09

Just a short note to add to this great Manchesterbeat.

I had great pleasure to book the great m/c venue Fagins on Oxford St. The manager (who I have got to say was outstanding) was John Bagnall & a very good friend.

We also had one of the best dj/comperes who was Pete Smith, who now works regular Thursdays & Sundays at The Stamford Arms, Bowdon.

Myself & John seemed to have this uncany knack of getting some exceptional artists who would have a number 1 in the charts when appearing here. Some names who appeared at Fagins were Dave Allen who would do 3 hours on stage with 15 mins break, Billy Ocean, who was brilliant, Martha Reeves & The Vandelas, Cliff Richard (who did a gospel night), Lovelace Watkins, The Three Degrees, Lisa Stansfield, Junior Walker & The All Stars.

Then in later years I had opportunity of buying the Talk of the North & carried on with the same format that had made Fagins such a great club. I will carry on this story at a later date. Thank you.

Roy Mozley 1/7/10

I recently spoke to another great artist & comedian & compere, his name is Jack Diamond who topped the bill in all of Manchester's night clubs. He now lives in Southport & is married to one of the Roly Polys. He also compered for me & John at Fagins, Manchester.

Roy Mozley 9/4/12 

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