StyleMaster Theatrical Agency (St Helens)


Enjoyed going down memory lane with you all.  My Agency was Stylemaster Theatrical Agency, St Helens. Did loads of clubs n pubs in and around M/c

Wasn't huge, however, enthusiastic and reliable - had the odd stuff up (who doesn't ?) Had a great relationship with clubs, acts and fellow Agents. Left for Australia in 1974, never went back in the business, however, loved live entertainment forever.

First thing I do visiting England is find a club or an act/band and relive it all, great memories ( back for 5/6/7/sept 2015 - will be doing same).

All the acts and agents n clubs mentioned bring floods of great memories. Will pass on web site to my eng. friends in Aus. Brian Durkin, Brian Mills, L.E n John Martin, Ian Hamilton Garrick, Towers, Room at the Top, Wigan Casino, Domino, Fagins, Talk of the North, Yew Tree - all Great memories.

Would like to make contact with Geoff Franklin , anyone help? Thanks again for the Trip.

Alan Law

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